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Success May 17 618 views

How can i learn how to make different kind of pattern?

i know how to cut and sew,i can make cloth for women,men,boys and girls. I also know the guidelines that guide pattern drafting but i can just draft without confidence

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Success May 17 342 views

How do i know how to cut different patterns?

I know how to sew using measurements of other people, but other websites make professional sizes that sometimes fit, I want to be able to make the specific sizes so then I can do a better job of actually making the clothes for other people.

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Recce May 16 266 views

How to choose a career?

How to build skills and also to double work into the career path

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Terry May 12 307 views

What can I do to make me successful in my grade ?

I am a freshman in high school. What do I have to do to get a good degree at a college/university of my choice? What classes will I have to take if I want to get a degree in, for example, meteorology?

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daniel May 06 530 views

what is the best financial planning modes?

finance tips

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Genesis May 02 354 views

Meteorologists, how would your degree be applied to the scientific research community, if it would?

As a sophomore who just changed to an Environmental Science A.A., I'm exploring B.S. options that will open up more specialized job opportunities. I love considering how weather patterns change or maintain ecological activities, or even interact with the ocean ... but won't I be pigeon-holed...

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Leila May 01 431 views

How does one help the needy?

What's the amount that one needs to have?

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morgan Apr 26 241 views

how can be a data analyst?

good day how can i be successful

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Amy Apr 24 129 views

How to get internships?

How do I get internships as a student who is now in high school as a junior and is interested in speech therapy or psychology? Even in college also how would I go about that?

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susan Apr 24 301 views

how can i do good in school?

in my examas

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Claudia Apr 22 684 views

How to become a full stack software developer?

How to become a full stack software developer

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Jessica Apr 22 537 views

I would like to know the course to study to be a computer engineer ?

I am good with computers and repairs

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carmen Apr 20 653 views

what is the best career path to take?

career path tips

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Mathew Apr 18 741 views

What those entrepreneurship mean?

The meaning of entrepreneurship and the importance of entrepreneurship to our society and the lifes of young children like us also how it can help us in school

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Mohammed Apr 18 383 views

What is the best career and why is it the best career to earn right now?

What is the best career and why is it the best career to earn right now?

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