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Plymouth, Michigan

Within 40 mile radius
Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jan 05 483 views

What is an animal pathologist and how do you become one?

I am exploring my options, thinking about being a vet or something that relates.

Ifra’s Avatar
Ifra Dec 20, 2023 329 views

How do I get a part-time job/ internship in 4 days?

I completed my medical school and did 1 year internship in tertiary care hospital outside US. Highly interested in working somewhere related to my field. I am a student of PMBA with major track as healthcare marketing.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Dec 03, 2023 202 views

What are some good tips to becoming a state trooper after the military?

What should I research or start doing routinely to accomplish this?

MY’s Avatar
MY Nov 16, 2023 483 views

Where to go to college to become a bio med engineer and play sports?

I love soccer and I am also very passionate to be a bio medical engineer so where should I go to do both

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Nov 16, 2023 481 views

How do expand my business as young black hairstylist?

Do I have to invest into thousands to become a known hairdresser? How do I gain my clients ? How do I promote myself? How do I get myself into feed and be known for hair

Alivia’s Avatar
Alivia Nov 12, 2023 576 views

How did you choose your career path?

If you had multiple things you wanted to be, how did you decide on what you wanted to be? Because I want to be multiple things, but I just don't know which one I would would want and like best.

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Nov 04, 2023 903 views

What "path" does one take to get a degree in computer science in junior year (3rd) of high school ?

I'm currently a third year in high school and still lost on what path to take to get to a computer science degree or in similar area. I feel like it might be too late to correct my path I've made without thinking.

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Oct 13, 2023 235 views

How do I blend colors and layer things when using paint so that it looks realistic?

I have been having a hard time with learning it and I can't seem to find any ways that work for me to blend them good even after watching so many videos.

Haarun’s Avatar
Haarun Oct 11, 2023 858 views

What is something I can do to get my foot in the door to cybersecurity?

Im a senior in Highschool and I want to major in cybersecurity what are things I should know before hand

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Oct 10, 2023 400 views

Long distance vs close by?

What is the difference between colleges that are farther away from home and colleges only a drive away? What skills will you develop?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 07, 2023 408 views

What to do if I'm interested in a lot of things but don't know where to start.

What to do if I'm interested in a lot of things but don't know where to start.

Hajer’s Avatar
Hajer Oct 01, 2023 197 views

Main problem with becoming a pediatrician?

Whats the main problem when becoming a pediatrician

Hajer’s Avatar
Hajer Oct 01, 2023 209 views

What do I need to do to become a pediatrician?

What is required

sonya’s Avatar
sonya Sep 30, 2023 743 views

How many people should I get to proofread my college essays and go over my application?

How many people should I get to proofread my college essays and go over my application? Currently I have one peer review and one from my guidance counselor.

Tahsin’s Avatar
Tahsin Sep 29, 2023 294 views

Scholarships for Detroit Students?

Hi, I am a current high school senior trying to make enough money for college. Are there any scholarships exclusive for Detroit, POC, or women?

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