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DaQ'uantai S.’s Avatar
DaQ'uantai S. Oct 01, 2019 139 views

what do you like most about your career

i like the fact that i get to work hands on make houses learn to build...


Erin O.’s Avatar
Erin O. Jan 16, 2018 324 views

Should I minor in Spanish or Wildlife when I plan on becoming a wildlife veterinarian (hopefully at a zoo)?

I will be entering college this fall, majoring in Animal Sciences. This major covers animals extensively, but should I choose a minor in wildlife to gain even more understanding? However, I have also heard that it is extremely beneficial to know more than one language, so should I minor in...

#pre-veterinary-medicine #medicine #veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine

Alexandria L.’s Avatar
Alexandria L. May 18, 2016 548 views

How much more school do you have to go through to be a doctor rather than a nurse

My major is currently nursing but I have also though about just becoming a doctor and I'm not sure yet if I should. #doctor #nurse #pediatrician...


Brandy J.’s Avatar
Brandy J. Jan 18, 2018 511 views

I would like to know how many African American females hold degrees in Mathematics.

It is often said that minorities are not "good" at mathematics. I am just curious to know how many others have taken the journey I am embarking on successfully. #statistics #women-in-tech #women-in-stem #stem...


Emma V.’s Avatar
Emma V. Apr 26, 2018 312 views

Why is the Film Industry primarily dominated by male directors and is it difficult for women to succeed in this field?

As an aspiring female filmmaker, I have often asked myself why I only saw male directors on stage accepting their Academy Awards. Why are there few well-known female directors? Is there a low number of women filmmakers or are the talented ones not being recognized? How can I, a passionate and...

#women-in-film #media #gender #film #women #equality #discrimination #film-production

Perla M.’s Avatar
Perla M. Aug 05 105 views

How to become a Botanist?

What should I study in college to become a Botanist? #career #botanist...

Sarah R.’s Avatar
Sarah R. Aug 20, 2018 188 views

How great is the need for Certified Lactation Consultants?

Locally-Louisville, KY. Most jobs that I see are for RN IBCLC's in a hospital setting. I am an LPN and I do not want to work in a hospital setting. How great is the need for IBCLC's in private practices or places such a WIC clinics? #breastfeeding #lactationconsultant #ibclc #medicine...

#healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Mary D.’s Avatar
Mary D. Jul 08, 2016 457 views
Mary D.’s Avatar
Mary D. May 30, 2016 488 views

Which option would be best?

I'm having trouble deciding where to go to college. Excluding the costs, I want to go out of state. But I also had an idea that maybe I should go to college in-state first for the first 4 years then go to college out of state for grad...And I'd like to get out of my comfort zone and become a...

#colleges #out-of-state #in-state

Mahalet A.’s Avatar
Mahalet A. Jan 17, 2018 321 views

Is Forensic Sciences considered to be a minor?

I am aiming to study Criminal Justice as a major, but I want to include Forensic Sciences in my studies. Will Forensics be included in Criminal Justice or is it offered as a minor course? #forensic-science #criminal-justice #criminology #college-major #majors-and-minors...


nevaeh L.’s Avatar
nevaeh L. Apr 29, 2019 241 views

What skills do you need to become a youtuber?

I want to be a vlogger,, ranter, dancer, singer, choreographer, in a group youtuber team, a youtuber that does everything. #dance #singer #art...


Rachel M.’s Avatar
Rachel M. Dec 26, 2019 133 views
Michael W.’s Avatar
Michael W. Mar 07, 2018 336 views

What are some career choices in sports medicine?

What are some choices in sports medicine? #sportsmedicine #sports-medicine...


Tamra L.’s Avatar
Tamra L. Feb 26 197 views

test about personality

I heard there was a free test to take about your personality and interests to help you decide upon a career but I don't know the name. #undecided #career-exploration...


brandon L.’s Avatar
brandon L. Nov 05, 2019 147 views
Naomi A.’s Avatar
Naomi A. Aug 21, 2018 257 views
Meredith C.’s Avatar
Meredith C. Mar 26, 2018 419 views

What is the best way to study?

Should you study alone or in groups? #college-advice #college...


Meredith C.’s Avatar
Meredith C. Mar 26, 2018 216 views

What is the best way to choose a major that you will keep?

There are a lot of things I'm interested in, and I'm not sure which one to stick to. #college-advice #college...


Rachel M.’s Avatar
Rachel M. Dec 26, 2019 156 views

What’s the fastest way to go from a nurse to a doctor?

High school student...


Anisa D.’s Avatar
Anisa D. Apr 07 210 views

I want to work in the BAU but I need some guidance

So, I've tried to look up tons of stuff about the different unit, descriptions of stuff they do, etc. I can't seem to find the answers to a lot of my questions though. Fair warning, there are a lot. So to start, which unit deals with the most cases? Which unit deals with the serial killers,...

#fbi #law #law-enforcement #psychology #bau #criminal-justice

Rachel B.’s Avatar
Rachel B. Sep 20, 2016 470 views

which is better, a bachelor's or master's?

which one looks better to employers? #career...


marih N.’s Avatar
marih N. Apr 12 167 views

I want to be an actor right now but I don't know how to start?

I am 12 years old and I love to sing and be dramatic about everything. #acting...


Mahalet A.’s Avatar
Mahalet A. Jan 17, 2018 428 views

How do you become a Crime Scene Technician?

I have been trying to figure out the real steps to becoming part of the Criminal Justice area, but I would really like to focus on gathering evidence, investigation, etc. However, I do not want to go on the path of a patrol/police officer in order to obtain this job. Is there a path I can take...

#crime-scene-investigation #criminology #law-enforcement #csi #criminal-justice

Devon L.’s Avatar
Devon L. Sep 04, 2018 218 views

IT engineer.

How much does it pay. #it #engineering...


charles S.’s Avatar
charles S. Sep 04, 2018 187 views

can i go in the army

#army How are you doing to...

Yareli  G.’s Avatar
Yareli G. Sep 20, 2016 532 views

Should I become a veterinarian?

I am asking this question because I have loved animals sense they where small and i would also like to give them a second chance. Also I would like to help the animals by giving them a healthier live. #veterinary-medicine...


Tiana F.’s Avatar
Tiana F. Aug 07, 2019 213 views

What do you like most /least about your job?

Hi my name is Tiana Frazier and I am interested in the field of computer technician. I could use advice from someone who has experience in this career. Do you have time in the next two weeks to meet for about 20 minutes? #computer-engineering I would really like to learn more about the...

Mary R.’s Avatar
Mary R. May 15, 2016 994 views

If going to college makes you over-qualified for entry level positions, but not getting entry level experience makes you under-qualified for other jobs, how do I get a job without getting ripped off by anl unpaid internship?

I know unpaid internships are the usual go-to option for experience, however I also know employers expect them and yet are not more likely to choose an applicant from their own pool of interns. I find the entire practice immoral and often times it can be illegal, and I would prefer to avoid...

#job-market #college #college-jobs #jobs #job #programming

deonta S.’s Avatar
deonta S. Feb 13, 2019 193 views

1. How long do I have to be in this job to be a manager? 2. What is my payment? 3. Can we have headphones in while we working? 4. 5. When do we get our checks in? Can you teach me the ways to use the machine?

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Deonta Smith I am a good worker, and nice guy. I like to worker hard and do my best on my work or job. I’m a Job Corps student in Pine Knot KY, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in Louisville...

#work #job #career

Daija J.’s Avatar
Daija J. May 07, 2019 84 views

whats the best way to find out about jobs in the automotive field?

jobs in louisville, ky in automotive...

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