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Prospect, Kentucky

Within 40 mile radius
Gage’s Avatar
Gage May 08 220 views

What will I have to do to get a good degree?

I am a freshman in high school. What do I have to do to get a good degree at a college/university of my choice? What classes will I have to take if I want to get a degree in, for example, meteorology?

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen Apr 08 276 views

can i learn new language other english?

my age is 15

Shena’s Avatar
Shena Mar 09 370 views

How can i study better?

How can I study better to help me with my time management? I’ve had problems studying and managing my time.
so how can i help myself to study better while protecting my time?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 29 396 views

What are the pros and cons of apartment living in college?

should i live in an apartment while in college? why or why not?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 27 450 views

Where should i volunteer?

Hi, my name is Emma in in the 9th grade and i would like to be a lawyer. i live near Louisville Kentucky, anyone have input on where i should/could volunteer? :)

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 26 660 views

What should/can i do now to prepare me for an Ivy league college?

its is a dream/goal of mine to attended an Ivy League college, and i was wondering if i could do something now to aid me in reaching that goal. :)

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 22 450 views

Will me being homeschooled be a disadvantage when trying to get into college?

Ive heard that some colleges prefer homeschoolers... i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. :)

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 22 454 views

what is the difference between forensic psychology and criminal psychology?

Im doing a research paper on psychology and im have trouble understanding the difference between the two. #psychology #forensic psychology #criminal psychology

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Dec 13, 2023 798 views

I want to become an Orthodontist and I was thinking about getting a Dental Hygienist (BS) and the later pursuing an Orthodontist. What would be the best way to enter this type of field and where should I start as a High School student?

I'm a junior in high school and my biggest dream is to become a orthodontist but i'm not sure the steps to take in order to achieve my dream.

Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Dec 11, 2023 411 views

Is it hard to go through nursing school? Is community college less distracting than a university ?

I’m in 12th grade and plan on going to college for nursing but I really need to know what to expect so I can be mentally prepared I also decided to go to a community college because I didn’t want to be distracted and I also didn’t want to be in debt

Dalia’s Avatar
Dalia Oct 22, 2023 3294 views

How do I start a clothing business off I’m 19 years old I’ve been wanting to make my own clothing brand & etc but I’m lost & I have no support !?

How do I start a clothing business off ? I’m 19 years old I’ve been wanting to make my own clothing brand & etc but I’m lost & I have no support !

Colson’s Avatar
Colson Oct 09, 2023 311 views

How can I figure out what college is best for me based on my career that I want to go into? Does it matter what college I choose to go to in the long run or are they all similar.

I can go to the mall to get clothes but they are expensive

Meya’s Avatar
Meya Sep 17, 2023 356 views

How do you get your first job and a high paying job?

How do you build up to get a high paying job and how do you get your very first job?

Patience’s Avatar
Patience Sep 15, 2023 355 views

What would be a great collage for paramedics ?

Will the collage be able to teach the medication for me ? After i graduate from the college will i be able to go into the healthcare field? What degree would be best for the position ? Will i be able to use the technology for training and learning ?

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Sep 12, 2023 208 views

Are there times when your patients become physically violent?

i would like to know this so if someone becomes overly agitated i can be prepared for it.

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