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Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine 3 mins ago

Is it ok to not be sure what I want to do during junior year of highschool??

I’m going to be a junior next year and I thought I wanted to be a pharmacist but I feel doubtful. What if I’m not sure by the time I go to college? I’m a little scared tbh

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel 1 min ago

How can I get a job in a programming field?

How can I get a job in a programming field. I know python and JavaScript, how can I get a well paying job in those field. I'm hardworking and diligent in my work

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie 49 mins ago 25 views

How can we quantify career success?

sometimes is is not clear how we know we have achived our full potential how can that be evaluated

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea 2 hours ago 11 views

How can I better incorporate my photography with symbolism?

Im in 8th grade and have been taking photographs in a portfolio for a while, and I also like to write. But when I try to take pictures, I want to create a bigger meaning. How can I do that?

JingFeng’s Avatar
JingFeng 2 hours ago 14 views

How can I better balance my work life and my personal life as a double major and as a commuter #Spring24?

I am double majoring in physics and mechanical engineering, which are known to be extremely tough majors. Because of this, I'm concerned if I'll even have time to spend with my friends and participate in club activities. On top of that, I'm a commuter student which limits my time even more....

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua 3 hours ago 39 views

How do I start on my singing career?

I need to know what steps to take right now, how to find a record company that understands me, and how to keep the record deal once I get it.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua 4 hours ago 25 views

Can I publish a Short Story or Novel at my age(14)? And can I make some money off of it?

I like to write short stories and I am now writing a book. Is it possible to produce and make money off of it? And can I even publish it at my age(14)?

Bill’s Avatar
Bill 6 hours ago 29 views

What routines do you follow each day?

As an entrepreneur, what routines do you follow each day?

Quierra’s Avatar
Quierra 7 hours ago 135 views

What steps should I take to secure a job or internship related to my field of study ?

I'm currently a 14-year-old in high school, and i've been thinking about approaching getting a job or internship in my area of interest. I want to be ready and know what steps to take beforehand to secure one.

nina’s Avatar
nina 7 hours ago 79 views

Should I still try and get the careers I want? how could I cope with the stress?

I wanna work in a career that helps people but the responsibility of someone's life/health is a lot and makes me hesitant to follow the careers I want like working as a pediatrician or law enforcement. I don't wanna make a mistake or miss something and be painted as a bad doctor/LEO.

chamel’s Avatar
chamel 7 hours ago 106 views

What is the worst way to get fired from a job OR get kicked out from a college ?

This may sound like dumb question, but i just want to know so i don´t make those mistake in any further job or kick out from a college.

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie 7 hours ago 48 views

How can I start learning about cosmetology as a freshman in high school?

Is there any beginner classes for cosmetology around my area I can take to get a head start to my future career path?

Carla’s Avatar
Carla 8 hours ago 49 views

How does one secure a job in this competitive job market?

I'm a college student studying to become a social worker. Unfortunately, I haven't had many job opportunities, so I lack experience. When applying for internships and other temporary jobs, they ask a lot of the applicant. It seems that I'm required to have a certain amount of experience to be...

Gideon’s Avatar
Gideon 9 hours ago 95 views

what do you think is the best path to take to become an engineer hashtag #Spring24?

Any advice will help!

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine 9 hours ago 45 views

What is it like to work with special needs children and how do I deal with it?

I am interested in considering the idea of working with youth who have special needs. But I don't interact with children very often so I only really know how people around my age with special needs, such as autism, act. I'm aware that because they are children, their temper and behavioral...

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