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Waterbury, Connecticut

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sarah’s Avatar
sarah Nov 29, 2023 1168 views

What are some step on becoming a doctor after I graduate Highschool

I want to know if there are specific step I need to take in order to go to collage. what are some best collages for this field and how can I get a scholarship for them?

Mygdalya’s Avatar
Mygdalya Nov 18, 2023 2062 views

Can i get a good job with a G.E.D only?

Is it easy to get a good job with a G.E.D and not a high school diploma. I know its gonna be harder but everyone is making it seem like its impossible.

Layo’s Avatar
Layo Nov 01, 2023 293 views

How do I prepare myself to be a surgical technician I am in 8th grade.?

I was wondering what I should do to start preparing myself for medical school. Some things I was wondering about are what classes should I take, whether I should go to a certain high school, will going to a certain high school improves my chances of getting into an Ivy Leauge college, and what...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 28, 2023 954 views

What types of internships could I get as a fine arts major?

I'm looking to get exposure when in college around the arts and would like to get involved in the outside community within what I'm studying

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie Oct 21, 2023 575 views

What should my career path be?

I don't know what career path I want to choose when I get older. I am currently in 8th grade and next school year I ill be in high school. I like designing things and doing math.

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Oct 20, 2023 544 views

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

Kiersten’s Avatar
Kiersten Oct 18, 2023 593 views

How does accounting help us so much?

I was wondering this because I am interested in accounting.

Ariana’s Avatar
Ariana Oct 08, 2023 284 views

What are the ups and downs of becoming a Marine (or naval) officer at the US naval academy?

My mom was a naval officer through an NROTC program, but I’d prefer to do work in the field and remain physically active.

Elexander’s Avatar
Elexander Sep 26, 2023 340 views

What would it feel like to get a degree in medical school?

What would it feel like to get a degree in medical school?

Melaydee’s Avatar
Melaydee Sep 26, 2023 1063 views

Why is choosing a career so hard?

you may never know why choosing a career so hard because some people are not old enough to choose one.

isaiah’s Avatar
isaiah Sep 13, 2023 482 views

what kinds of jobs align with network admin

I am going into network administration and I was wondering what else would work for me that requires the skills I gained in net admin?

Juwairiyah’s Avatar
Juwairiyah Sep 09, 2023 375 views

What kind of jobs are under mechanical engineering?

what kind of things are done in mechanical engineering

Juwairiyah’s Avatar
Juwairiyah Sep 09, 2023 332 views

What will top colleges be looking for in their students?

are they looking for people's SAT scores or community services, e.t.c

Asaundra’s Avatar
Asaundra Aug 31, 2023 535 views

Business Management & Personal Life

How did a career in business management affect your personal life?

Asaundra’s Avatar
Asaundra Aug 31, 2023 454 views

Advice for aspiring Business Managers?

What are some tips you have for those who are looking to gain a career in Business Management?

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