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Weeki Wachee, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Ang’s Avatar
Ang Jun 16 175 views

How do I get into SIU Healthcare Investigations?

I would love a career in that! I am currently obtaining my associate in Healthcare Administration.

nadine’s Avatar
nadine Jun 08 297 views

how can i learn the biology of inscets in college?

biology college tips

Lily’s Avatar
Lily May 26 311 views

What would the classes look like for a magnet program in highschool for Academy of architecture?

I've been questioning if I really want to do this and I just wanted to know what my schedule would look like if I took up this magnet program.

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan May 10 356 views

How can I graduate high school early?

What can I do to help me graduate early from high school. I have 3 math credits, 2 science credits, and 6 elective credits.

Nathaniel’s Avatar
Nathaniel May 07 429 views

What career path should I go about based on my certifications?

I like using adobe software. I am certified and have 3 badges for adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop and have a badge called visual designer. What career path should I go down specifically with these industry certifications? I like illustrator the best by the way.

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 17 574 views

How can I graduate early?

How can I graduate early if I have 2 math cradits, 2 science credits, no physical education credits, No history credits, and have taken drivers education during the summer? Also Im in the 9th grade.

claire’s Avatar
claire Apr 17 773 views

what is a good sructure in business?

tips structire tipds

Madiso’s Avatar
Madiso Mar 08 517 views

What's the best way to begin my career journey?

i want to be a mortician but fully dont know where to start

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Mar 05 1238 views

What types of specific jobs/career paths should I look towards if I want to be in entrepreneurial environments or travel whilst helping, negotiating, or creating with others?

-Looking for careers i could look towards regarding this
-How to land jobs of this caliber and how to work for it as a 10th grader
-Available jobs, internships etc in metropolitan areas such as for me (Tampa)

kai’s Avatar
kai Mar 02 1083 views

how come you have to take years of college just to be in debt and most likely can't get a job because u aren't familiar with the work like others ?

how come you have to take years of college just to be in debt and most likely can't get a job because u aren't familiar with the work like others ?

Maham’s Avatar
Maham Feb 06 1526 views

Quickest Way To Become an Optometrist?

Hello all I wanted to know what was the quickest way I could become an optometrist I currently have a bachelor's in Arts and I'm 25. So I wanted to know how long it would take and whats the quickest route.

Tom’s Avatar
Tom Jan 08 1008 views

Should I go to college or get a job after graduation?

Is it better to go to school after high school or to immediately get a job when i graduate from highschool? I want to be a mechanic when I get older and i dont know.

kimora’s Avatar
kimora Jan 07 1151 views

how do i build a website?

how do i code and build with different types of coding software's

Misty’s Avatar
Misty Dec 27, 2023 1128 views

How should I decide my career path What career paths pay the most??

I am a 17 year old female who is about to finish highschool. I am almost on my way to college and still don't know what I want to do. Any advice on where to start?

Davianna’s Avatar
Davianna Dec 11, 2023 1035 views

Hi I was wondering what the best path to become a nurse midwife would be? Also what's the difference between a nurse midwife and a regular midwife?

I'm 16 years old and I really want to become a midwife or a nurse midwife, but I don't know where to start. I'm in HOSA currently but it's not really helping. Any advice?

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