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Moon Jan 21, 2021 521 views

What are some tips for an author?

What are some tips you recommend for me that I should know as an author? #writing

MAHI’s Avatar
MAHI Jan 21, 2021 1267 views

How to become a singer and dancer

#singer #dancer

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jul 30, 2020 1070 views

Networking virtually?

What are some tips for networking with potential employers when everything is online?

#JULY20 #law #covid19 #virtual #legal #july

Brook’s Avatar
Brook May 13, 2016 1809 views

What are some college courses that I would be likely to take in persuing marketing/advertisment?

I am very interested in the career but I'd like to know what I'm getting into. #career #marketing #job #advertising #sales

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Jan 03, 2021 501 views

how many years does it take a to be a pediatrician

#pediatrician #career #business

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Jan 16, 2018 1445 views

What is credit and how do I build good credit?

Going into college you are confronted with lots of ways to pay for tuition, including loans. Typically, everyone is charged around the same interest for their loans because there tends to be little to no credit history among young individuals . I know that this may not be the case for any...

Yew Kin’s Avatar
Yew Kin Aug 08, 2020 2780 views

How To Politely Interrupt the Conversation?

I face many situations where the recipient is talking too much and straying away from the main focus. I understand that it's good to let the other person elaborate about their own interests and passions (Remember How to Win Friends and Influence People). However, I find it a huge time waster,...

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Jan 18, 2021 519 views

What does a day in the life of a music industry professional look like?

I am a high school senior and I'm interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. Thanks! #music-industry #music #music-business #musiccareers

Rahul’s Avatar
Rahul Oct 15, 2019 1794 views

What career path is right for me

#management #sales #business-management #entrepreneur

Annette’s Avatar
Annette Dec 11, 2020 919 views

How should I customize my basic resume on applying to a fast food restaurant or a clothing store?

I want to know what a basic resume needs in order for me to apply for a job I want. Such as working at a mall, fast food, clothing stores, and so on. I have never worked in my life and i am also a senior in high school so I came here to find out how I can customize my resume and give a good...

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn Nov 05, 2020 643 views

What do you need to go into stocks?

I want to be an entrepreneur, go into investing, and into stocks, and then eventually start living life the way I want.
#entrepreneur #YOLO #investing #stocks

Jordin’s Avatar
Jordin May 22, 2016 1709 views

As someone who one day wants to open up his own business, what are some general tips for creating a good business plan?

I want to create a clothing company from the ground up and could use some advice on setting up a good business plan before I begin building my company. #business #finance #marketing #entrepreneurship #sales #web-marketing

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Nov 02, 2019 1749 views

What's it like being a real estate agent?

What's an average day like? What's the average pay and hours of a real estate agent? Do you enjoy your job?
#real-estate #house #career #home #sales #job #occupation #salary #average-day

An Awesome Student’s Avatar
An Awesome Student Jan 18, 2021 503 views

How old do you have to be to own a store?

Hi! I'm Ms. Lambert at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!


Annabelle ’s Avatar
Annabelle Dec 04, 2013 2241 views

What kind of characteristics would I need in order to pursue marketing?

What types of courses would I take?
What are some characteristics of people who are in marketing?
What types of things have people done in order to become successful? #b2b-marketing #b2c-marketing