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Eleanor Jun 20, 2023 512 views

How do I know what my strengths are and how to apply them to a future career?

I have a lot of different interests that don’t always fit together and I don’t know how to determine which ones I should pursue.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 26, 2023 667 views

How can you improve your communication skills and be more confident?

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

sarah’s Avatar
sarah May 20, 2023 527 views

what is the best techniques for being financially stable while working full time and going to college full time>?

what is the best techniques for being financially stable while working full time and going to college full time>

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine May 30, 2023 600 views

How do I stay passionate about things while also balancing school and other activities?

I'm a middle school student with very driven passions outside of school, psychology to be specific, but recently I've found that it's difficult to commit to my passions and also balance schoolwork and without my passions I don't have the motivation to do work but if I focus too much on my...

Moni’s Avatar
Moni Jun 05, 2023 1635 views

How do I manage both school and work?

I'm a student and hoping to be able to work over this summer but my school keeps roping in new possible things to do, some of which are being labeled as mandatory. I need work experience though. What should I do?

Gordon’s Avatar
Gordon May 15, 2023 344 views

How can someone balance their job, their education, and their family?

How should someone manage their work hours to allow enough time to keep up with their education but also have enough time remaining to spend with their family?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael May 15, 2023 356 views

why is college important?

why is it important to go to college with your own business and you can get your life together and you can get a job and then go get through your own business and?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Apr 17, 2023 655 views

How do you get recruited to play sports in college ?

interested in playing sports in college.

Ethar’s Avatar
Ethar Apr 17, 2023 354 views

what courses should I take for upgrading my resume and develop my career since I am an agricultural engineer with less than 2 years experience and living in Sudan makes it a bit difficult ?

I thought about making a career shift, but I don't know how to make it work.
I have many skills like good communication skills,adaptability and fast learner.

Lander’s Avatar
Lander Apr 17, 2023 592 views

How Can An Early College Education Benefit Me In My Path To Becoming A Registered Nurse?

I am a sophomore student at the Clint ISD Early College Academy, and I am currently taking both AP Classes and Community College Classes, and I have always been wondering how all these classes and credits will be able to benefit me once I graduate and go to college. For those who don't know, an...

Irah’s Avatar
Irah Mar 13, 2023 487 views

What are all the ways to study and take notes?

I like to re read my notes and write in complete sentences

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 03, 2023 563 views

What is Return on Investment and how do I do more research about it?

This is something that has been on my mind for a little bit. I heard this is a smart way to make money when you're doing your own business.

Janka’s Avatar
Janka Apr 06, 2023 389 views

How do i find more people that inspire me and push me to get better in what i want to do?

In my university I can't seem to find many people that have the same burining desire or goals like me. I have big goals for my future, i want to work in the international field in organizations like the UN, but right now I feel a bit stuck and don't seem to find people or mentors that elevate...

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 06, 2023 781 views

How do I make a lot of money with only a GED?

Are people down to earth in the work environment? Are u happy working at the place of your dream? Have u ever thought about switching career paths? Do u have the freedom to explore your ideas? What are some skills you have learned while being there?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Apr 06, 2023 542 views

How is community college?

I'm a senior in high school and plan on going to community college first, how is it like in community college? what could I do inside?