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Ishraq Sep 19 207 views

How do you start a big business?

- What do you need to do?
- What do you need to learn?
- What kind of help do you need?
- What things do you need?

landon’s Avatar
landon Sep 06 186 views

How do you find a job that makes you happy?

so im 14 and im scared for my future. even though getting a job is happening far from now im still scared. i dont want to waste my life doing something i dont like.

Frank’s Avatar
Frank Jul 20 98 views

How do you know what to do as a career?

How does someone know what they want to do or what they want to be after high school? The only thing that I have a somewhat decent grasp of is math, but other than that how do I find what's best for me?

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Jul 11 195 views

How can I build a solid resume for social media with no formal experience, what should I emphasize?

I'm trying to apply online for these positions, but I feel like my resumé is generic and could cater better to what I'm looking for. What should I emphasize?

Zahra’s Avatar
Zahra Jul 05 155 views

How do you find your dream career?

I am going to be a senior and I want to know how to find a career that I won't regret 5-10 years down the line.

Edit: Thank you to everyone that has given their advice. I really appreciate it. Your answers have helped me not to stress over it as much. :)

Elysia’s Avatar
Elysia Jul 04 191 views

How does this app help with school? Is this app real and does it help toward my school papers and group registrations?

Hi I'm Elysia but everyone calls me Venchy, I like football and basketball. I love listening to music,make money, read, and write.

Ioan’s Avatar
Ioan May 16, 2021 297 views

Does anyone know of anyone that is hiring students around Gwynedd/Anglesey area?

I'm a student that is leaving secondary in a few weeks.

I'm looking for a job i can do over the summer and hopefully into the winter times as well.


Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Jul 02 167 views

My question is what is a good routine or habit that I can build that will help me in college. Also how can I achieve this and I would also like advice on some of the best colleges out there.?

My question is what is a good routine or habit that I can build that will help me in college. Also how can I achieve this and I would also like advice on some of the best colleges out there.

Danil’s Avatar
Danil Jul 03 115 views

How to Find My Passion in Life?

What steps can one take to find their true passion in life and make it a meaningful career? Have any of you encountered this dilemma in your own lives? If so, how did you discover your current passion? I think my biggest problem and the reason why it's so difficult for me is because my lack of...

Amaiya’s Avatar
Amaiya Jun 19 233 views

How do I learn how to talk in an interview?

I want to learn more about jobs and how to easily get them. How to apply in the best way, I want to know more about college too. How to balance college and jobs.

tiffany’s Avatar
tiffany Jun 20 104 views

How should I start exploring what I want my future to be?

I don't really know what college or career I want. Where should I start? I want to explore my interest but I'm also not really sure about that either.

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Jun 19 169 views

What are career opportunities in the Art/Creative world for someone with a Business background?

Hello, I am someone who is passionate about the arts and creative sphere, but have chosen a business and social sciences degree path because I would like to utilize those skills in a workplace. What would the opportunities for someone with my background look like in the creative space? Project...

Carys’s Avatar
Carys Jun 12 69 views

How do you stay on track to be How do you stay on track to becoming a part of your career goal?

If you were to miss steps or lose eligibility in your career plan, what are some ways to bounce back?

Isla’s Avatar
Isla Jun 05 103 views

What do I need to look out for in high school?

I go to a very small school and I'm going to a bigger highschool with so many more people. Im going to be treated differently and its going to be hard to make friends there with all the people. Do you have any suggestions I can look at and learn about people, rules, etc.

Annabelle’s Avatar
Annabelle Jun 04 80 views

Why did you choose voice-acting?

Why did you choose voice-acting over other forms of acting, like film, tv, or stage. Are you able to perform multiple disciplines of acting or do you have to pick one and stick with it.