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Summer Mar 07 489 views

What does it take to double major?

Hi, I am currently a sophomore high school student that is also minoring in psychology and will be earning my associates in 2025-2026. I am looking to double major in psychology and sociology. I'm not the greatest in statistics or maths so I am comprehending whether or not I should double...

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Summer Mar 06 578 views

I have really good internship offers for the medical field, but Im really only interested in the Mental Health field, does anyone have any recommendations to what I should do?

Hi, Currently I am a highschool student who is also minoring in psychology at community college and plans to double major in psychology and sociology, then earn a masters in social work, recently I was presented the opportunity to be inscribed with the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award...

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Summer Feb 09 428 views

Publishing Research Papers?

Hi, I am currently in highschool and I would like to publish a research paper, I would like to work on researching either Bipolar Disorder or Appropriation in the 21st century, do you have any advice? (I currently in the process of getting a mentor)

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Summer Feb 09 512 views

Any recommendations on how I can start a humanitarian aid organization?

Do you have any recommendations on how to start a humanitarian aid organization

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Summer Jan 05 661 views

Should I major in Sociology and minor in psychology or the other way around?

I am set on majoring in Sociology, but I would like to hear the opinions of others as well, in order to gain some more insight. I would like to work in the mental-health field, but also go on to do work with UNICEF and or other humanitarian organizations. I want a job where I can really connect...

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Summer Jan 05 1576 views

Can you get an associate's degree in one subject and a bachelor's in another?

I am an aspiring LCSW in sophomore year. I am taking my associates in college this year, but I don't know if I should major in Psychology and English or Sociology and English (I have to take a college class for English, but It was also recommended that I take another dual college class as...

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Summer Dec 05, 2023 327 views

What are some good clubs to join if you are a aspiring therapist (major in sociology)?

I am currently a sophomore in high school (private) that does not offer a lot for the studies I want to pursue. I am hoping to join clubs outside of my school (tri-state area) that focus around sociology, can anyone suggest any clubs for me to join?