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mikey Apr 09 274 views

How can I get a Job at my age? Were can I start? How hard Is it to do?

I want an technogoly job at 14 and i got one month till I am 14 its may my birthday is and I want some extra money for technogoly things because I love to build pcs one day and I want experince so I can get the best technogoly Job that's right for me for the future! Hope someone can help me...

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Mar 06 266 views

I'm Interested in becoming a physical chemist, or something to do with chemistry.?

I value a creative and fun job that keeps my mind going by learning new things, will this career path align with what I value?

tori’s Avatar
tori Mar 04 461 views

how can I make money from home?

is there a way to read books for a living and make money from it at any age anywhere???

Juliza’s Avatar
Juliza Feb 28 234 views

Do I have to be smart to get a job as a nurse?

I like science because of Chemical and I like math because of Algebra.

Bamist’s Avatar
Bamist Feb 23 549 views

Do I need to start practicing engineering related work before my college degree if I want to study engineering courses e.g Architecture ?

I’m 17years old and a college student, I did a partime job on holiday but my sim is to become an Architect. Do I need to start practicing engineering work as an entrepreneur before I can get accepted as an engineer in my college degree ? #career #engineering #architecture

Brock’s Avatar
Brock Feb 16 135 views

Are you making more now then when you started your career?

Why would your salary change depending on your time? How much experience in your workplace does it take to usually get a raise? Does it really all depend on your work exeirence to get a raise or do they also look at the person who you are and determine if you deserve a raise or not?

Michel’s Avatar
Michel Feb 16 530 views

why doctor is better than engineer?

my family want i will became doctor

Will’s Avatar
Will Jan 19 402 views

How to know about Chemistry?

I want to know about it.

Zayne’s Avatar
Zayne Jan 11 1190 views

How do you find a job or an opportunity based on the skills your good at?

For example if your good at drawing how could that apply to finding the right job. more specifically without a college education. Especially if you've already graduated from high school. I've been out of school for a year now and I'm trying to figure out the right path for me

Mahlijah’s Avatar
Mahlijah Dec 16, 2023 1106 views

What are some no essay scholarships given out?

I've been accepted to my dream Art school but It's really expensive and I don't qualify for for FASFA and I have zero experience on my college essay.

Jaenah’s Avatar
Jaenah Dec 15, 2023 231 views

How do you pass AP Chemistry with a relatively good grade?

Tips on school

Hayah’s Avatar
Hayah Nov 30, 2023 421 views

What are the best tips for getting a job?

What are the best tips for getting a job?

kenny’s Avatar
kenny Nov 30, 2023 343 views

What jobs should I work as a 16 year old that will give me valuable job qualifications?

What jobs should I work that will be useful for qualifications? I want to have a strong resume but I don’t want to be working jobs that i’m not proud to be putting on my resume. I also don’t want to work jobs that will cause people reviewing my resume to feel unimpressed.

hyuma’s Avatar
hyuma Nov 23, 2023 308 views

How do I make money as high schooler?

I am 10th grade and I want to prioritize education for my future career but I have this trip I want to go to that cost $5000 and I have to pay for everything but work seems to much since I already have education so I am lost on what I should do.

Zhayahn’s Avatar
Zhayahn Nov 27, 2023 808 views

Is computer science worth it with ai taking over

Is computer science worth it with ai taking over