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Alicia Apr 25 287 views

As a senior in high school, what should be my first step this summer if i'm trying to be a biomedical scientest or engineer? #Spring24?

Steps for college major

Keilana’s Avatar
Keilana Apr 24 311 views

What chemistry field would be the best for someone who doesn't want to be stuck in a lab all day?

I want to go into a chemistry field but don't want to be stuck in a lab all day. I have looked into chemical engineering but I want to know what other fields I may like.

Blakes’s Avatar
Blakes Apr 07 393 views

What are some potential career paths or industries that align with my interests in gaming and coding I'm passionate about both and would love to explore opportunities where I can combine my skills and hobbies into a fulfilling career?

I've been gaming and coding for several years now, and I've developed a strong proficiency in both areas. I particularly enjoy game development and have created several small projects on my own, ranging from simple mobile games to more complex simulations. Additionally, I've been actively...

Akinterinwa’s Avatar
Akinterinwa Apr 09 635 views

How can I get a side gig or project while still learning frontend development?

Thanks to people that have answered my question in the past. I’ve tried platforms like Upwork and Fiverr and I see that you’ll need to have few reviews before you get hired. I and some other criteria too. This has been a very difficult one and I would so much appreciate probably if I could get...

Leni’s Avatar
Leni Mar 29 546 views

Looking for those who work in a field related to prosthetics/orthotics, biomedical engineering, or neuroscience to answer some interview questions for a school project?

Hi! I am a junior in high school who is looking for those in STEM related careers to answer some interview questions. I am preparing for college and trying to discover what job I would like to pursue after college. Thank you! Interview Questions: 1. What is your job title? What is the name of...

ghazal’s Avatar
ghazal Mar 27 405 views

what does it required for a international bachelor in cellular molecular biology to apply their master in genomic medicine ?

I study biology in The Islamic Azad University and i am am very familiar with basic Laboratory techniques and have experience working in a lab . i want to study genomic medicine as master in Canada or USA

Enthusiast’s Avatar
Enthusiast Mar 24 542 views

I'm a junior developer skilled in Java, Angular, HTML, and CSS, but l'm at a standstill in my current role with no project experience after 1.5 years. I'm torn between seeking a new job to further my web development career or pursuing a master's in Al and ML abroad, despite not being strong in math. I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions on this. What would you do in my shoes?

Web Development or Masters in Al/ML

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Kessa Mar 12 244 views

What company is best to work for with a water/waste trade?

I'm interested in water/waste jobs

Siddhi’s Avatar
Siddhi Mar 06 659 views

Which major should I take if I am interested in the brain and biology but not sure if i want to go to med school?

Which majors can lead to multiple career choices without me having to do a phd and one that would allow me to make good money?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 06 1024 views

Coding classes?

What classes are best for computer science majors who are just starting to learn coding?

Tomide’s Avatar
Tomide Feb 26 960 views

Does technology support human communication?

Does technology support human communication?why or why not.

Sima’s Avatar
Sima Feb 22 868 views

Can I work in corporate as a psychology-neuroscience graduate?

What are the possibilities of working in a corporate job with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience (double-major)?
As far as i've seen, all of the job opportunities in this field take place in laboratories, research centers or educational institutions.

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Feb 20 780 views

What can you tell me about Nuclear Medical Technology?

Hello! I'm on a journey to find a new career path. I decided to get into medical imaging. There are so many options; Sonography, Nuclear Medical Technology, etc. and I'm unsure what would be best for me. I originally started looking into a Digital Medical Imaging program and with further...

Hayah’s Avatar
Hayah Feb 17 736 views

How to start a side hustle?

How to start a side hustle?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Feb 16 783 views

I want to pursue a career WAYYYY out of the scope of my college major. (Dance to Cybersecurity) What sort of work or opportunities should I look for?

I have reached a point where I'm about to graduate from college and I have found the need to make a very hard and fast pivot out of the dance industry. I've always had a knack for computers and tech tinkering. I recently stumbled across Cybersecurity and got my CompTIA Security+ certification....