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CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 06 524 views

How to become a Herbalist?

Share your journey & guide aspiring Herbalists on their path!

Note: We've seen a lot of interest in this career, so we're looking for guidance from our community of professionals.

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Ruchi Jun 06 936 views

How to choose between music or design major?

I am a 10th grader from CBSE board, i have great inclination towards music and i am also interested in designing as my artistic side is also good.I am so confused to choose music or design as my major in further studies.I have done 5 levels of indian classical music diploma from my native institute.

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Anesia Jun 06 1904 views

What are typical things that happen as an electrician?

What are typical trouble-shoots during a job? How does talking with a client go?
Tools typically needed on a job. Any useful tips for this field.

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Anesia Jun 06 2162 views

What is the Union typically looking for in an electrician?

Is it difficult for people to get work who just got out of the required courses for this job? What effective strategies are there that I could help to get a position in this field of work? Would being in a union at first and then self-employing work best?

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Khalia Jun 06 817 views

How to become an nicu nurse?

Graduate high school first
Go to a college and take up that major
Get a 4year college degree
Go to nursing school

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Joshua May 30 576 views

How do I build up and keep a good credit score ?

I’ve been watching and reading about credit scores but I never really understood how to get good credit and keep the credit score up.

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Tatiana May 29 121 views

To become a nurse injector, what are the the additional requirements besides being a registered nurse?

I also would like to go esthetician school.

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Osvaldo May 29 98 views

How much does a heavy equipment operator make on average in Sacramento?

If possible specifically working as an operator for Teichert or any other companies located in the Sacramento area that also includes working with the union.

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omar May 29 103 views

how much does a heavy equipment operator make yearly in California?

As of May 18, 2024, the average hourly pay for a Heavy Equipment Operator in California is $22.84 an hour.

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Maroua May 30 276 views

Please, could you tell me where I can I find a sponsor in USA?

Hey, I’m working on searching for sponsors who I will work in their business in exchange they will help me cover my tuition fees of my college. You could say that I’m searching for apprenticeship so I can pay my college fees and all of that because my parents cannot provide me 10k or 5k per...

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Ezekial May 29 226 views

how do i become marine biotest

how long does it take to get your bachelors.

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Lilly May 29 154 views

How much does a Medical Assistant make in California?

I will be certified as a medical assistant in about 8-9 months.

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letticia May 29 137 views

how long will it take me to become a Certified Nurse Assistant?

I am going to start taking classes soon to become a Certified Nurse Assistant

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Kiondre May 29 386 views

How do I keep a long-term career in HVAC?

Is there a more effective way to keep business in the HVAC industry more than others?

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Kiondre May 29 90 views

What kind of financial investments are made in this industry?

How much money would I have to put into my business so I could manage my career?