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Raphael’s Avatar
Raphael Nov 30, 2019 1232 views

What double major should I choose between maths and physics with a major in computer science ?

#computer-science #math #math #college-major #computer-science #college-major #physics #college #doublemajor

Rene’s Avatar
Rene Nov 22, 2019 581 views

What skills benefited you most in the I.T field?

#IT #skills

Tracy’s Avatar
Tracy Nov 22, 2019 775 views

Who can suggest an amazing career to go into?

#career #business #community-management #any

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Leion Sep 24, 2016 3829 views

Project Manager

What do Project Managers do? #professional #management #graduate #japan #manager #project #institute #agile

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 449 views

What parts of your job do you find most challenging as a Advertising and Promotions Manager?

#advertising #marketing #management #business

Valerie’s Avatar
Valerie May 17, 2018 644 views

If I were to pursue a major in creative writing, what kind of job opportunities would that open up?

I'm asking this because I am uncertain of the type of jobs that make a major in creative writing useful. #creative-writing #college-major #college-advice #job-search

Jordan Michael’s Avatar
Jordan Michael Jan 16, 2018 1083 views

I am a Political Science Major and considering a second major next year, Do you think Communications is a good choice?

I am asking because I think that Communications goes hand in hand with Political Science.
#political-science #communications #college #college-major

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jan 19, 2018 486 views

Is plastic surgery the correct field if I want to help patients with cleft lips?

I was captivated by the operation smile commercial, and I automatically thought that plastic surgeons would do this type of job. I couldn't find any information on a specific type of surgeon that was allowed to travel around the world doing their practice. Am I going into the right field, or...

Racinda’s Avatar
Racinda May 19, 2016 1013 views

Why is journalism important?

Ever since I was in the 6th grade ive wanted to become a Journalist. I have a strong passion for informing, researching and helping the commuity as best as I can. But, I have also realized that there is barely a demand for journalists. And anytime I express to anyone that this is my future they...

Empris’s Avatar
Empris Jan 24, 2018 597 views

How do I, a young writer, pitch my book to publishers?

I am a writer and I would like to pitch my book of poetry to publishers. Which publishers are most open to publishing new, young writers?

#creative-writing #poetry #publishing