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Chantay’s Avatar
Chantay Jul 30, 2020 1121 views

How do you know that the career you are pursuing, is the career that you actually want to pursue?

One of my biggest fears in life, is that I’m on the wrong track and that I won’t actually find out that I’m on the wrong track, until it’s the end of the road. At the moment I’m pursuing a degree in international business, but often feel like my heart is in digital communication and/or...

Grecia’s Avatar
Grecia Feb 27, 2019 640 views

How do you know what you are passionate about and what you want to do?

#career #career-choice

manuel’s Avatar
manuel Jan 15, 2019 645 views

how did you know what you wanted for your career path?

like how did you know what you wanted to be? #career-choice

William’s Avatar
William Jan 15, 2019 1707 views

How to find my passion and interest?

#career #career-choice

Yessica’s Avatar
Yessica Nov 14, 2018 615 views

When trying to narrow down the career you want, what should you look for and how would you know the career is right for you?

I am in eleventh grade and am not sure what career is right for me I'm exploring and still finding more careers would be right for me. The careers I'm looking into are a doctor, an entrepreneur, and careers in Human services that are in government and public administration.

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Nov 14, 2018 769 views

I am in the 11th grade and I am just starting to learn about all the career options that I may be interested in, but I am not sure I have enough knowledge on certain careers, such as storyboard artists, or animators, or just working with anything in cartoons in general, what would be some helpful advice for choosing one, and whats a day in the life like for both?

#career #animation #art #career-counseling #college

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Jan 04, 2017 1254 views

what can I major in if I want to work for a non-profit

I am interested in working for an organization, something like Rapha Hous which deals with the rehabilitation of young girls that have been trafficked, or Playing for Change which teaches music to children in different parts of the world; mostly dealing with underdeveloped or developing...

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 10, 2017 1240 views

How do I stay motivated to do coursework for uninteresting classes?

This term I am taking two classes that haven't provided me with much of an intellectual challenge. As a result, I am having a hard time staying motivated in my classes, as I am not obtaining knowledge that I do not already have. #college #undergraduate #time-management #classes #studies...

Karin’s Avatar
Karin Aug 19, 2016 911 views

How will I know what career choice is best for me and will be a choice that will make my parents proud of me?

My parents hold very high expectations of me and I'm afraid the choice I will make on a career will not be enough for them. I am also afraid that if I choose the career choice they want me to have, I will not be happy and live my life miserably, dreading waking up each day to attend my job....

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Mar 06, 2018 707 views

Can I get an internship as a sophomore?

Most jobs today require experience and I want to start early on. I want to get an internship but I am just about to finish my first year in college and most internships prefer juniors and seniors. I am also going into business I'm not sure specifically what kind of business but I am interested...

Yelizaveta’s Avatar
Yelizaveta Jan 17, 2018 1215 views

How to stay motivated ?

I enjoy learning and I like school, but I have this bad habit of losing motivation and focus. I usually get discouraged after receiving negative feedback or a bad test grade which then only makes me get even worse scores due to lack of motivation. Any tips on how to stay motivated and ask for...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 13, 2018 810 views

What are some good ways to manage my time better in college?

I struggle with managing my time and staying motivated, what are some good tips so I can stay on top of my work in college?

#college #time-management #motivation #study #scholarship #studying-tips

Ali’s Avatar
Ali May 08, 2016 5748 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I would really like to be a manager or CEO one day. What is the hardest part about managing a team? What do you like best about it?

Thank you! #technology #management #leadership #human-resources

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 16, 2018 1254 views

What is the best type of volunteer work that colleges look for?

Do colleges look for your volunteer hours? If so what kind do they value most? I have been apart of a math internship where I help Algebra 1 kids with their homework and I am apart of the National Honor Society. Would colleges look at that to consider my eligibility? #math #college...

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Jan 16, 2018 1165 views

What are the defining factors colleges look for when applying to college?

When looking at colleges, they show the GPA and SAT scores that are required and that’s all. Some will say they look for how involved you are in school and your community. I just want a clear statement of what most colleges want to see from me. #applying #requirements-management #college...