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Brownfields, Louisiana

Within 40 mile radius
Ava’s Avatar
Ava Nov 23 117 views

How do I get a job while in college so I can make money on the side?

Preferably a job on-campus. I'm going to LSU. I don't know if I'm going to live in dorms or have my own place but either way I want to make money for myself. I want to get into the workforce early so I can know what it's like.

Len’s Avatar
Len Nov 21 63 views

How do you manage relationships with contacts you gain after networking?

Talking and managing relationships is overwhelming for me, sometimes I take days to respond to a text or voicemail. I just don't want to be seen as rude

Kentrellis’s Avatar
Kentrellis Nov 01 72 views

How to monetize plastering through side jobs and entreprenuership?

Do you need business skills, etc?

Kobe’s Avatar
Kobe Nov 01 65 views

What is the salary of a painter?

Salary of a Painter?

Kobe’s Avatar
Kobe Nov 01 65 views

What is the mindset a painter has while on the job?

Thought Process?

Kentrellis’s Avatar
Kentrellis Nov 01 65 views

How to be successful as a painter/plasterer?

What skills are needed, how to manage work and non-work hours, etc.

Kentrellis’s Avatar
Kentrellis Nov 01 82 views

What does a day as a painter look like?

What does a day as a painter(Plasterer) look like? (Painter as in a trade in a union, and not art)

Kobe’s Avatar
Kobe Nov 01 101 views

How much does a painter make in a week?

How much does a painter(Plasterer) make in a week?

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Aug 12 123 views

How do I get started with songwriting?

I don't seem to know where to start and all of it just seems a little scary, so some guidance for me would be appreciated. I want to go into a career with music because I know how much it helps me and I want to be able to use it. Not just more me though, for other people too. I want to be able...

maci’s Avatar
maci Aug 08 110 views

how do you pick the best medical field ?

I have always wanted to be in the medical field, but do not know which one to pick. How do you pick the best medical field and what are your tips on picking the best

Jen’s Avatar
Jen Jul 16 124 views

How should I prepare myself for the summer

What are some good study habits to try?

Kambria’s Avatar
Kambria Jul 06 173 views

What advice do you have to a student going to 11th grade

What is your profession

Taza’s Avatar
Taza Jun 14 196 views

Art career

How can I get a art job without having a college degree and work at home?

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb May 25 182 views

Is becoming a music major worth it?

I play trumpet and bass guitar. I want to play bassoon but my school does not have one. I am interested in becoming an aerospace engineer or a music educator. But is a college path in music worth it?

Deja’s Avatar
Deja Dec 12, 2022 351 views

How do I get a remote job?

I graduated college in December 2021. I want advice on how to get a job without worrying about being perfect. Yes, I am 24 and do not have a driver's license.

Given life's new challenges, I should have opportunities for remote work. I need a good network and tips on how to detect scammers.

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