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Chalmette, Louisiana

Within 40 mile radius
Larry’s Avatar
Larry Mar 13 1198 views

What major should I choose when I go to college?


I really love painting and I have some talent for page drawing, but I don't know if I have what it takes to study graphic design. Because recently I discovered that I have signs of hand tremors. I haven't told this to anyone in the family yet. Can I continue to pursue this passion?

Jalyce’s Avatar
Jalyce Feb 16 359 views

what is the best college to attend and what advice would you give as a college student?

i want to know what colleges are the best to attend for my career of choice which is to be a certified athletic trainer.

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Dec 25, 2023 665 views

How can I work towards achieving my career?

I would like to hear your opinion

asher’s Avatar
asher Dec 19, 2023 358 views

Whats most challenging ?

what would be the most challenging obstacle you faced trying to become a welder and what you have to do in order to become a welder, and how difficult it really is.

sofia’s Avatar
sofia Sep 28, 2023 258 views

How much debt are you in after completing law school?

share details like was it worth it? do you regret it? are you still paying off your debt?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 10, 2023 333 views

What do I need to focus on for college apps?

What are the most important aspects of a college application. My dream school is Stanford. What parts of my application should I focus on the most and is there any template or key words I can use?

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Aug 17, 2023 175 views


What are some of the core responsibilities that play apart in my job's description. And how does that apply with my career and my goal. How does that help me in my long-term career?

Eshita’s Avatar
Eshita Jul 31, 2023 257 views

As someone in high school, I was wondering how did others determine what they were interested in and apply that to the major/job they wanted to do?

I am a sophomore in high school and my counselor is going to ask me about what I am thinking on majoring in, but I have no idea. I have too many interests that are sort of sporadic. For instance, I like certain aspects of biology, but I'm interested in computers and psychology. However, I am...

Ashleigh’s Avatar
Ashleigh Jul 12, 2023 252 views

What is the best career path for a financial data scientist?

I am an accounting major with a minor in computer science.

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Jul 10, 2023 201 views

What is the best way to get noticed during the entire college admissions process?

How do you stand out?

Keyi’s Avatar
Keyi Jun 25, 2023 301 views

How to grow follows and likes on TikTok?

How do I go from 7 likes a day to at least 300 a day , what do the people want to see in order to follow and like or comment??

Daymine’s Avatar
Daymine Jun 21, 2023 537 views

What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

I am a rising Junior with an interest in Business and Technology. I major in Business Analytics with a minor in Computer Science. What are some career paths that would combine my two interests and what would the day to day work look like?

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Mar 01, 2023 339 views

Advice on best studying methods for those with a busy schedule ?

Hello I'm looking for advice for efficient studying methods, I am a full time student also balancing two jobs and find it difficult to adequately focus on studies. Thank you

Brett’s Avatar
Brett Dec 06, 2022 390 views

What is the scholarship for becoming an officer in the national guard?

I heard of scholarships for the military but I want to join as an officer in the national guard.

kevine’s Avatar
kevine Jul 21, 2022 398 views

Is carpentry the best option

why would carpentry be a good trade or career for someone?
if you were to own a construction business, what would be some of the requirements for your job?
outside of work , what something that interests you

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