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Conroe, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
caleb’s Avatar
caleb Jun 18 288 views

how do i tailor my career path in such a way that after i am done it would be easier to get a job ?

i have always been interested in medicine

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 18 290 views

How can I work overseas with an HR Management bachelors degree ?

I am currently an HR Assistant for a Manufacturing company, but my ultimate dream would be to work overseas for a manufacturing or oil/gas company.

Anuoluwapo’s Avatar
Anuoluwapo Jun 17 202 views

How is it possible to pursue a major in nursing but also biology at the same time#Spring23?

Hello! I want to go to school and major in biology to pursue further education at medical school but I also want to have a back-up and at least a job that will give me some experience in the healthcare field, but I don't know if it's possible to pursue nursing and biology at the same time even...

Iqra’s Avatar
Iqra May 30 645 views

How do I find a career and study coaching

I’m confused In finding career

Faith’s Avatar
Faith May 28 676 views

What roadmap do I need to become good and get a job in cyber security

I'm still in highschool, but I'm starting to think of what next next to do after highschool.

HILDA’s Avatar
HILDA May 15 826 views

What are the emerging trends in the marketing industry as far as technology is concerned ?

My name is Hilda, age 15 . in the near future I'm looking forward to start various businesses , therefore I would like to understand the above question.

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 15 293 views

What a good advice before heading to college?

what make you have a better start for what want to be?

Eirini’s Avatar
Eirini May 14 259 views

What tools have helped you figure out your career path?

How did you figure out what career you wanted? Did you ever change directions? When did you know which was the one? I'm struggling to choose a direction to head in, but I love to have a plan, and I want to be ahead. Therefore I'm trying to choose a career path but I'm overwhelmed and unsure...

David’s Avatar
David May 10 191 views

What can I do about my career choice ?

I’m having issue with my career choice is it has been bothering me a lot , please I really need help, I’m thinking of moving into engineering but I just need some guidance

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy May 10 407 views

School Advice?

Since I'm starting my sophomore year of high school in the fall, I would like some advice for the incoming school year. I am interested in the medical field (especially psychiatry) and would like to have some tips to build a strong resume over the school year for internships I can have when my...

lyn’s Avatar
lyn May 03 310 views

why is it good to use good communction skills in a interivew?

gave me details on how i can improve my skills and get better

juliette’s Avatar
juliette Apr 24 113 views

If you love to dance and act what would be the best career choice to do both at the same time?

I love to do musical theater, but I also love drill team dance

I want to go to tcu

I want to major in dance

I want to become an actress for action movies

Hareem’s Avatar
Hareem Apr 24 297 views

What are some good ways to establish a healthy relationship with your manager/supervisor? #Spring24

I am working right now and am about to start an internship in the summer. I feel I struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship with my supervisors, either by being extra agreeable, to the point where its hard for me to start up for myself, or by being closed off and not being seen as...

Hareem’s Avatar
Hareem Apr 24 527 views

What are some tips/tricks for interns to avoid feeling imposter syndrome at their workplace? #Spring24

I am a junior MIS student at UH looking forward to starting my ITPM internship this summer. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for this role and want to make the most out of it without getting caught up in feeling like an imposter or not fit for the role.

katu’s Avatar
katu Apr 21 352 views

what do i expect after i finish school?

good future

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