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Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Apr 01 780 views

How would I get started stock trading and which degrees can I get?

How would I get started with stock trading Hi Im Eddie I’m a senior in High School and want to pursue getting a degree and career in stock trading to make my own business out of it

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Mar 28 322 views

How do I get my RN degree in high school?

I am in high school. How would I get my RN degree?

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Mar 21 1057 views

What projects can I do using SQL to showcase my talent for resume purposes?

Hello, I'm a second year Pre-Business major at California State University, Fullerton looking to concentrate in Management Information Systems or Business Data Analytics. I have recently started to learn SQL using DataCamp and I was wondering what projects I can do to help improve my resume.

emily’s Avatar
emily Mar 19 1184 views

How can i start on being a runway model and what do i need?

I have always loved,beauty, confidence, and decorating and fashion but i dont know if this carrer will last long and i have a lot of other ideas but i also what to know your opinion on a good career with fashion, design and organize and decorating and baking

Corinne’s Avatar
Corinne Mar 16 459 views

How do I make money being a private pilot?

I am 15 and in 10th grade!

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Mar 15 771 views

How and where can you obtain a food handling permit in California?

I was wondering about this question when I was looking at a subway job application and saw the requirement is a food handling permit.

Hugo’s Avatar
Hugo Mar 11 608 views

Has anyone ever felt really down because you are doing really bad in school? What did you do to turn it around?

I'm on the borderline for two of my classes, but I have a chance to get into a more comfortable spot with my next assignments.

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Mar 11 448 views

What is the best path for a career in computer science? Should I go to college to pursue a computer science major or is it best to start early and find a job related to the career path?

What is the best path for a career in computer science? Should I go to college to pursue a computer science major or is it best to start early and find a job related to the career path?

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Mar 02 979 views

Which online learning communities would you recommend for computer science and cybersecurity?

Hello! I'm a high school sophomore interested in computer science and engineering, particularly cybersecurity.
⯌ My favorite operating system to work with is Linux!
⯌Additional advice related to comp-sci careers is welcome!

Mars’s Avatar
Mars Feb 29 268 views

How did college prepare you for your job?

It provided me with the skills I needed.

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Feb 27 838 views

What are things I can do to get internships?

Hello my name is Richard, I am currently a second year in college and plan on pursing a degree in Information Systems. I want to get internships, but don't know how or what type of job I should purse in the field of Information Systems.

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Feb 24 496 views

What medical field can I jump into?

Hello, I am a college student that has been attending college for nearly a decade without an associate's due to indecisiveness. With 5 years of pharm tech experience and wanting to stay in medical, any suggestions on what to pursue? Preferably within the medical field that's not nursing....

Marina’s Avatar
Marina Feb 21 1018 views

What classes would be best to take in order to become an optometrist? What schools should I look into after high school graduation?

I am a freshman in high school and my dream job is to be an optometrist after witnessing my uncle lose his vision in the span of 3 years. I want to start planning my academic route but would like recommendations for classes. Also what schools give good degrees in biology and are more likely to...

Marina’s Avatar
Marina Feb 21 511 views

How good do optometrists have to be at writing (essays)?

How good do optometrists have to be at writing (essays)?

Yadira’s Avatar
Yadira Feb 19 1033 views

What is it like running your own private practice as a registered dietitian?

I am finishing my BA in Nutrition and wondering if private practice is what I’d like to pursue. What does the every day work life balance look like when running your own health coaching business. Any regrets or tips to getting started?

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