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Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

Within 40 mile radius
Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jun 02 83 views

should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university?

I can’t decide what i should do I’m really very confused and stressed which one should I choose I love singing should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university please help me out!

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jun 02 48 views

How is the life of K-pop idols in reality?

How is the life of K-pop idols in reality how their routine looks like in real life pros and cons of becoming idol please help me

Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey May 24 31 views

How do you become a nurse in Ontario?

College bound in Ontario

Kelton’s Avatar
Kelton May 11 27 views

Hardest thing in the med field?

Like what has struggled you the most?

Steve’s Avatar
Steve Apr 15 54 views

What type of phone set-up is needed to get started to enjoy Vloging?

I'm purchasing a phone, and "Vlog" and "monitor" and "shooting grip"
Cost Extra yes .
Should I pay?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Apr 11 92 views

What is It like being an International Travel Nurse?

How do you get into this field? Can you practice any nursing specialty and go into this field? Competitiveness and average job salary? Any other general advice?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Apr 11 119 views

What is the pathway to becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist?

General advice for getting into these careers? What does it take to get into them? What type of person do you need to be? Job satisfaction?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Apr 11 102 views

How do you become a Forensic nurse?

I am highly interested in the field of forensic nursing but don't feel like there is much information on ir. What do the jobs of Sexual Assault Examiners, and Forensic Nurse Death Investigators entail? Can you be a Forensic Nurse practitioner? And what does it really take to enter this field?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Mar 05 93 views

What is any advice for becoming a Speech-language pathologist in Ontario?

What should I major in for undergrad that can also be a good degree on its own? What is this subject like? What are the Pros and Cons of this profession? What are some entry-level job salaries?

Valloree’s Avatar
Valloree Feb 28 249 views

Are there any jobs that involves STEM, and nursing at the same time?

I like STEM and nursing and I don't know if I'll be able to decide between the two.

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 23 162 views

Volunteer Work

What type of volunteer work can be done for mental health or to put on a resume?

Kemi Christianah’s Avatar
Kemi Christianah Jan 20 306 views

Hcan i get rid of fear in order to develop my career ?

How can I get rid of fear to develop my career?

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Jan 10 171 views

Graduate School Applications

How or where would I be able to find someone to help me with my letter of intent for graduate school? Particularly for the MSW program.

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Jan 09 369 views

How do I figure out what career path I want to pursue?

I love to be creative in my free time by indulging in hobbies like creative journalling, painting, reading and creating videos related to reading. I am in grade 12 and am deciding on taking a gap year after graduation to save money and better figure out my future goals. But I often find myself...

GLADYS’s Avatar
GLADYS Jan 07 500 views

What are the types of opportunities you have that render hours to students?

I'm a Grade 11 student with great communication skills, listening skills and a positive attitude towards work. I'm a dog lover, I am interested in sports, health care and fashion. My hobbies are learning new skills, cooking and watching movies. I look forward to volunteering with a great...

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