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San Gabriel, California

Within 40 mile radius
Eryx L.’s Avatar
Eryx L. Aug 31 111 views
Klaryssa M.’s Avatar
Klaryssa M. Nov 16 48 views

How do you find a team to help you start your own business?

I want to make my own mobile app(s). But I don’t think I can do it on my own. How can I find people to help when I’m just starting out and don’t know what I’m doing. business management college...


Aren T.’s Avatar
Aren T. Sep 09 124 views

how long does it usually take to get experienced in 3d animation

iv'e been doing modeling in blender since 2018 and iv'e started to learn 3d animation and would like to know more and what it takes to be experienced too, 3d-animation animation 3D design artist graphic-design art...


Andrew C.’s Avatar
Andrew C. May 13, 2016 812 views

What is the job outlook in music production like?

Production and making demos is something to benefit my career. It will give me time to seek a job and get into what I will study for in school. music...


Nada D.’s Avatar
Nada D. Dec 19, 2016 508 views

What are some good extracurriculars to commit to?

I know that I need to start on something from now to spice up my university applications but there are a few problems. First of all, my parents are on a very limited budget so I need to be able to do something that isn't too expensive. Second, sports aren't my thing so the obvious answer is...

high-school university-applications extracurriculars

Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Aug 28, 2016 826 views

Arduino Projects

What are some good websites for Arduino projects? My brother and I want to build a quadcopter because we saw it in a video, please help!! engineering arduino...


Megan Rylee D.’s Avatar
Megan Rylee D. Dec 06, 2018 580 views

What are qualities of a good LinkedIn profile?

I am wondering what employers want to see in a LinkedIn profile and what they don't want to see. linkedin job...


Sarah D.’s Avatar
Sarah D. May 16, 2016 670 views

What are future jobs looking for in college grads?

What should I get involved in in college that will stand out on a job application after college? college...


Kevin D.’s Avatar
Kevin D. Sep 21 91 views

When trying to be a professional soccer player, in college how and by who do you get recognize by to then later go into big leagues.

As a kid in Los Angeles playing soccer in high school I just want to know how I can get into a big league here in the U.S because I know it might be a little different than in Europe. soccer athletics sports college athlete...

diety M.’s Avatar
diety M. Aug 26, 2018 350 views

What is the best university for majoring in business?

currently I have really been interested in the idea of business and can see it in my future but I don't know what university would be the best option business...


Jose M.’s Avatar
Jose M. Sep 14 62 views

How can I apply for a job at a video game company?

I'm senior in Glendale High School and I like video game....


Elizabeth H.’s Avatar
Elizabeth H. Mar 06, 2018 660 views

What are the best ways to prepare for a job interview?

I get really nervous before a job interview and feel like I may come across as less confident because of my nerves. job-skills jobinterviews...


Aaron U.’s Avatar
Aaron U. Sep 16 65 views
Victoria G.’s Avatar
Victoria G. May 16, 2016 345 views

How can I save money on college books?

Is there a trade-in programs or can professors give access to an online version? college textbooks...


Joselyn R.’s Avatar
Joselyn R. Jan 16 338 views

What kind of law did you study/are you practicing, and why?

I am in my junior year of college and will be applying to law schools next year. I have no idea what law I want to do and I am concerned because I know I should at least narrow it down so that I can choose the law school that best matches me. law legal lawyer attorney law-school lawyers...

emily G.’s Avatar
emily G. Oct 29, 2019 198 views

how do i find my passion in my job

I would like to try out something with crimal justice, sports industry, something big to be known for, listening to peoples background stories on how they grew up to get to where they are, child abuse. being on tv or a porfessional in any sports o rto be known sports criminal famous...

helpingothers knownfor backgroundstories

John L.’s Avatar
John L. Dec 05, 2020 2826 views

What is the difference between an undergraduate and graduate?

Hello, I don't really know/understand what an undergraduate and graduate student is. student high school high-school-students college-student undergraduate...


Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Aug 13, 2016 471 views

Stereoscopic Ciruit

is it possible to build a circuit that will only have one potentiometer to control the volume of two speakers with the following materials ... LM386 Operation Amplifier, 10K POTENTIOMETER, SPEAKER (2), Headphone Jack (1), Arduino Uno Microcontroller, Resistors (no specific value), and...

arduino electrical-engineering engineering

Eryx L.’s Avatar
Eryx L. Sep 17 102 views

what science courses should I be taking to become a radiologist?

I would like to know what will help me prepare....


Aren T.’s Avatar
Aren T. Sep 07 116 views

what does it take to work as a 3d modeler for roblox

My name is Aren and ive been modeling and designing since 2018-2019 and Ive been playing roblox since 2012, I would like to try to get a job at roblox as a 3d modeler and 3d designer someday roblox 3dmodeler designer...


Brayan C.’s Avatar
Brayan C. Sep 22 105 views

How long will it take for one to become a pharmacist?

I'm considering this career. I am 16 years old and want to know further about what it takes to become a pharmacist....


Sean P.’s Avatar
Sean P. Jan 16, 2018 460 views

Can someone explain how much each person in a business earns?

I'm a new college student and unfamiliar with the business world. I'm curious about how much money a business would need to generate in order to have x amount of employees. I'm also wondering about what percentage each person of the hierarchy would earn. For businesses such as restaurants, I...

restaurants business management

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