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Sedona, Arizona

Within 40 mile radius
Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Feb 06 638 views

What is the best course to study in college ?

Hi, I'm 14 years old grade 10th student. I need advice on what to study in college

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jan 07 937 views

What is a hub?

What is a hub in computer networks?

Asher’s Avatar
Asher Nov 19, 2023 491 views

How to be a better actor?

How to be a better actor

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Oct 20, 2023 513 views

How do I get job expericene?

I have no job experience and really want to get a job but everywhere I apply declines my application because I have no experience

jazz’s Avatar
jazz Aug 19, 2023 579 views

What do I do when applying to MIT?

What do I do when applying to MIT?

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 02, 2023 490 views

Decent jobs for high-schoolers?

I am currently in junior year and I'm looking for a job.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 02, 2023 541 views

what are some money tips you would give to high schoolers?

I'm getting close to the end of my Junior year and I'm job hunting right now. I was wondering if there's any money saving tips you wish you knew.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 02, 2023 302 views

What college classes do I need to take to become a licensed pharmacist?

I know that you need to take biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics along with getting a PharmD but I was wondering what other classes are required.

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Jan 28, 2023 594 views

I am a Junior at University getting my Psychology major and Social Work minor. I'm most interested in sports psychology and fitness in combination with psychology. Any advice on finding summer volunteer work or internships that are related to these fields?

I am also a National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer.

Naasawva’s Avatar
Naasawva Jun 20, 2019 623 views

What do mechanical engineers do on a daily basis?


alyziah’s Avatar
alyziah Mar 17, 2019 1916 views

What are the benefits and drawbacks of an Aerospace Engineer

I might be interested in pursuing an aerospace engineering job #aerospace-engineering #engineering #aeronautics

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Mar 27, 2018 1161 views

How do I balance spending and saving?

My instinct is to spend only what I have to, then spend the rest on luxuries. What are some strategies for developing healthy financial practices? #college-advice
#personal-finance #savings

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Mar 27, 2018 1009 views

How do I decide what to major in?

Learning fascinates me, and I want to do everything I possibly can, but I can't imagine nailing myself down to one major or career. #college-major #career-paths

Christi’s Avatar
Christi Mar 20, 2018 621 views

What are some fun things to do for graduation?

I was wondering what are some ways to celebrate a graduation. I am graduating in May and this will be my first real graduation because I did not have one for my GED. Should I reserve a restaurant for my family to celebrate after? What else could I do without going way over the top? Thank you!...

Christi’s Avatar
Christi Mar 13, 2018 581 views

How to not give up on college when you are feeling depressed?

I know this might be a bit of a hard question to answer... Lately, I have just been feeling like giving up because I feel like my education is pointless because I won't be able to succeed and get through it. I am about to graduate in May. I am trying to hold on, but I am not doing so well in my...

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