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Statesville, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Ashleigh’s Avatar
Ashleigh Jun 13 345 views

Hey, I am currently going into my freshmen year at Unc Chapel Hill, I am very excited but still trying to decide what I should major in, I enjoy being organized in everything, and I love learning new things and leveling up in everything I do, I also love doing creative stuff such as dance, and theatre and love when I get that chance to mix both skills, any suggestions on majors?

suggestions for college major?

Toni’s Avatar
Toni Jun 05 1100 views

How do you know which major is right when you love to be creative yet like leadership and working with others?

I'm a senior in high school about to graduate and attend Virginia Tech University in the fall but I'm thinking on potentially switching my major from graphic design to something else. I like being creative and problem-solving but I also like working with people, leadership, and strategy.

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levi May 31 933 views

which is the best business model?

business model tips

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Serena May 06 638 views

How can I make money with a communications degree?

I will start college in January 2025 as a junior because of my college credits (I’m a photography intern now at my community college). I originally applied to an art school to pursue filmmaking editing but was waitlisted so I decidedto pursue communications (media production) at another school...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Apr 24 129 views

Why did you or did you not take a gap year after completing your bachelor's in social work and what was your experience like with the choice you made? #Spring24

For those completing their bachelor's in social work, did you go straight to graduate school or did you take a gap year and why? I know it's a common dilemma but I'm mostly worried about finding a job so I'm thinking of going straight to grad school but I'm also worried about having to take out...

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Erma Apr 16 2129 views

The importance of science and technology to our society?

I want to know the importance of science and technology to our society and the disadvantage of ai to our society and what measures or information to take in other to understanding better

kennedy’s Avatar
kennedy Apr 16 182 views

how to study well in class?

asking questions

Tien’s Avatar
Tien Apr 10 516 views

How can I access volunteer activities related to nursing?

Hi, I'm in 10th grade now. I plan to participate in some health care volunteer activities in 11th grade. But I don't know how to access them or the criteria I need to have to be accepted.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Mar 14 598 views

How to find a career I can enjoy?

Every career I see I don't take interest in it as I am going to high school I really need to find this out

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 565 views

How can I stand out for my nurse practitioner school interview?

What does the interviewer want to hear from the students applying to NP school

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 935 views

What questions are asked during a interview for nurse-practitioner school?

any personal, work-related, or challenging real-life experience questions

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 344 views

What classes or "pre-requisites" are required in order to apply to a nurse practioner program??

Other than the undergrad general education classes and the RN & BSN core courses...

courtney’s Avatar
courtney Feb 25 344 views

Is it really worth it to stress over college or live my life?

what's the reason to go to college i feel like i should just enjoy my life but you literally need money to live

Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 264 views

What is the application process like for a nurse-practicioner?

I am interested in NP school, but I have no idea where to start. Other than the online application process, I wonder what else is involved.

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Feb 22 455 views

what do i pick? So im signing up currently for my college classes ill be taking as a junior next year, if i want to be a doctor (obgyn) what program do i pick???

Im currently a sophomore signing up for my junior classes, i have 3 blanks im filling with college classes, there are 5-6 “nurse” programs to choose from but i dont know which one to select as i want to be a doctor. Im using the ccp program.

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