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Victorville, California

Within 40 mile radius
Jupiter’s Avatar
Jupiter Jun 17 277 views

What classes should I take for aerospace engineering?

I’m starting college in August I have no idea what classes should I take if I wanna do the two year transfer to university. And what volunteer work should I do?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jun 11 353 views

How do people find their next job opportunity while they may still be employed?

If people are ready to level up or switch in their careers, how do they find their next job opportunity while they may still be employed? I am currently working my first job in the nonprofit/education industry since graduating college, and I am thinking about finding another job in a year.

Eunice’s Avatar
Eunice Jun 06 846 views

How do I get a job in sports

I will graduate with my master's in mental health counseling and would love a job in a university/college setting where I work with student-athletes. I want to know where can I find opportunities to work in sports.

rose’s Avatar
rose May 28 366 views

when will be the next college admissions?

college admissions tips

Max’s Avatar
Max May 06 527 views

What tech path should I pursue?

What tech path should I pursue?

I love solving riddles
I love complex problems
I do not like coding
I'm pretty good at mathematics
I like making research

Corinne’s Avatar
Corinne Apr 27 252 views

Hi! How can I become a software engineer, without spending years in computer school?

I am about to be 16 and in the 10th grade! I want to become a private pilot, but also love the idea of becoming a software engineer as my career!! Any answers about how you got started would be great!

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Apr 26 345 views

How to further my studies after studying Edu in Physics?

Any tips on how to go about it

Nyx’s Avatar
Nyx Apr 25 509 views

What are some colleges that offer Art / Education / Therapy?

Hello again, I am graduating this summer and going to a Junior College in Fall. After I get my associates, I was wondering what kind of 4-year would be good to transfer to. Was thinking somewhere around New York / New Jersey. My current career goal is to be an art teacher.

Florence’s Avatar
Florence Apr 24 210 views

Hello, I want to get my Masters, but I don't want to take out a lot of loans. I have a BA in Liberal studies- Integrated concentration. What scholarships are available ?

I am a African American woman and a first generation college student. I currently live in a title 1 school district and hope to get a teaching job at one of the schools.

Lex’s Avatar
Lex Apr 24 292 views

What do screenwriters do (their full job) ?

What do screenwriters do? Do they just write scripts or come up with the movie/ show idea and write for the script? Also who do they work with? Like directors, producers.

Nyx’s Avatar
Nyx Apr 16 576 views

Art Teacher / Art Therapist

Hello, I’m a junior about to graduate this September and I am a little lost on exactly how to go about my college / career. Currently, I’ve narrowed down my career choices to either an Art Teacher or an Art Therapist. (With ambitious plans on eventually doing both, not simultaneously of...

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Apr 12 251 views

How does it feel to transition careers midlife?

Thinking about people who are not sure about their career choices

Lexii’s Avatar
Lexii Apr 10 389 views

How does fashion designing work as a career?

How does fashion designing work as a career?

Hilda’s Avatar
Hilda Apr 06 301 views

How can one be the best student ?

What derive hardworking

Corinne’s Avatar
Corinne Mar 16 489 views

How do I make money being a private pilot?

I am 15 and in 10th grade!

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