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Fatumata Apr 04 403 views

What challenges do you have to overcome or doubts you have when trying to pursue your dream ?

Write the pathway to get to the field and some challenges that really affected your confidence.

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Maureen Mar 22 379 views

How to know if you are qualified to be a lawyer?

Traits, advice, details, specifics.

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Aria Mar 26 564 views

i am 17 years old i need advice to learn new skill like programming?

i am 17 years old i need advice to learn new skill like programming?

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Abigial Mar 29 233 views

What Colleges offer a bachelor's degree in Criminology?

I have been looking at countless universities but most of the ones I am looking at are a bachelor's in Criminal Justice with a focus in Criminology or victimology.

Charlie’s Avatar
Charlie Mar 29 261 views

What is the minimum GPA to get into a criminal-justice based internship?

I personally am interested in law, more specifically criminal-justice and serving as an agent in the FBI one day.

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Kaitlynn Apr 02 786 views

What kind of jobs can I get with a criminal justice BA?

I am going to uni for a Criminal Justice degree and want to make sure I'm making the right choice for a future.

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Parth Rasu Apr 04 767 views

Are Salesforce Certifications/Badges (e.g. Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification) helpful to land an entry-level job in current times? Any advice/insight will be greatly helpful! ?

I am not sure how useful will this certification be hence before I invest 32 hours in it, I would like to understand it's usefulness and value.

Any insight/advice is more than welcome!

I would like to understand what other certifications can be useful other than this?

Thank you!

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karyssa Apr 04 600 views

How do I find internships for high schoolers interested in being a lawyer?

Hello! If you haven’t seen any of my previous questions, my name is Karyssa and i’m a 15 year old sophomore in high school and i’m very interested in becoming a defense lawyer. I’d like to do as much as possible to get ahead and get started on working towards my goal. I’m an online school...

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Zander Mar 25 265 views

How easy is it to find side jobs as an Electrician and where do I look?

I am thinking about becoming an electrician

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jocelyn Mar 27 387 views

Internships for High school students interested in law?

I was wondering how to find and where to search for internships as a student in High school interested in law.

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Mike Mar 29 455 views

What is the importance of science

What is the importance of science and technology in the society and the impact of it to our cultural beliefs also the importance of it to the children of the world

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Larry Apr 02 671 views

why is it hard to get a career?

tips to live a better life

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Zoe Aug 11, 2022 591 views

Environmental Law Highschool advice; classes, clubs, teams, research, etc.

Hi, I'm 14 and I am extremely interested in becoming an Environmental Lawyer and getting into an Ivy League University. So far I have been trying to take many classes that (I think) relate to this topic. I have taken and passed 13 college-level (AP and such) classes with straight A's in...

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Hershey Marie Aug 16, 2022 510 views

Confuse on what course to take

I don't know what's the best course to take, kindly give me some guidance. I'm interested in medicine but my parents are not well off.

Eugene’s Avatar
Eugene Aug 16, 2022 365 views

Should I advance my career in Plumbing?

Would it be a good idea to keep advancing? Such as moving up in ranks, such as becoming a Constructions Manager? Is it worth the time AND money?