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Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Oct 10, 2022 529 views

What's it like getting an Information Technology degree?

How is it different from computer science, or management systems? Also, what would you be studying?

kathlyn’s Avatar
kathlyn Oct 12, 2022 511 views

I have some questions to ask?

what would i have to be prepared for to become a veterinarian.

what kind of classes would i have to take to be ready for this kind of career.

Why did you want to become a veterinarian, was it the first thing you wanted to do for a career.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 13, 2022 533 views

How many years of experience does it take before you can officially be a music teacher?

I'm looking to go to college at Baldwin Wallace, how many years after I graduate would I need to student teach before I could become a teacher myself.

Cameron’s Avatar
Cameron Nov 08, 2021 645 views

College Options?

I don't do very good in school but want to go to college. What are my best options? #college

Amariyeh’s Avatar
Amariyeh Nov 08, 2021 418 views

I it possible to get into a good college with average grades


Emely’s Avatar
Emely Nov 08, 2021 583 views

If you take a gap year what are some suggestions on what to do while on that break? (I'm into coding, video games, and editing)

#coding #video #video-games #video-game-design #gaming

Jayelyn’s Avatar
Jayelyn Nov 08, 2021 1415 views

Is it better to take a gap year or go straight ?

#college #undecided #which #college-major #school

Victor’s Avatar
Victor Nov 09, 2021 583 views

What are the perks of taking a 2 year community college then transferring to a university

#college #university

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Nov 09, 2021 3363 views

Is there a "main" coding language that most programmers use?

As stated in my career goals, I would love to delve into the Computer Science field for my career and or future.

Junxi’s Avatar
Junxi Nov 05, 2021 576 views

Do you think military service will be a good idea right after high school

#college #business #college-admissions #engineering #high-school

justin’s Avatar
justin Nov 05, 2021 426 views

What majors are good for marketing?

I am a high school student # #college

izaiah’s Avatar
izaiah Nov 05, 2021 423 views

How long did it take yourself to know "ok this is what I want to do"

Hi Im Izaiah and IM struggle to figure our what I will be in the future. #Confused

Laverna’s Avatar
Laverna Nov 06, 2021 458 views

How do you continue to stay motivated and work hard even though you feel checked out of everything?

#school #mentalhealth

Clementine’s Avatar
Clementine Nov 06, 2021 477 views

What degree would be the best choice for a realtor and why?

#realtor #realestate #collegedegree #college

SAHEED’s Avatar
SAHEED Nov 06, 2021 805 views

Is math's be necessary , am not good in maths

Am from Nigeria , and I need advice about my future career as a tax accountant . #accounting am in 11 grade