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Hannah W.’s Avatar
Hannah W. Sep 22, 2018 306 views

I graduated this summer from high school but won't attend college until next fall. I took a break year to work on scholarships and save money. How do I find scholarships?

I live in Montana but plan on moving to Wyoming in January, but I'm going to college online at Liberty University which is in Virginia. scholarship college money...


Seamus B.’s Avatar
Seamus B. Apr 18, 2019 293 views

What other strategies can I use to pay for college?

I want to study environmental science, Japanese, and music in college. I want to go to a small liberal arts college so I will have the flexibility to study all three, but I'm struggling to come up with the funds. I've been applying for lots of scholarships, but so far not striking gold. What...

money scholarship college college-advice financial-aid

Karen T.’s Avatar
Karen T. Sep 07, 2019 205 views

what should i have for my career

I personally want to be a NASA astronomer however I took this personality test and it said it recommends me studying biomedicine so now I start to question myself should I still continue my dream or not....


Raymond C.’s Avatar
Raymond C. Sep 28, 2021 81 views

How long did go to school to get this job?

Basically an environmental engineering technician is who I’m asking...


Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 03, 2021 92 views

what jobs involve science?

i am 15 years old...


Sakthikumar C.’s Avatar
Sakthikumar C. Nov 21, 2021 82 views

I want to be a Palaeontologist what should I learn for this?

I want to become a dinosaur researcher ....


Caleb G.’s Avatar
Caleb G. Nov 29, 2021 71 views

What Career is there hands on

i want to make good money finance...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Dec 05, 2021 174 views

How to ask about next steps after 2 weeks?

I recently applied for an intern position at a large company. 2 weeks ago I had an interview for this position. The "interviewer" was actually someone from their university relations team who used to be an intern but now works full time for the company. This person actually helps plan a lot of...

career intern recruiter interview job