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Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Dec 11, 2023 227 views

Is it hard to go through nursing school? Is community college less distracting than a university ?

I’m in 12th grade and plan on going to college for nursing but I really need to know what to expect so I can be mentally prepared I also decided to go to a community college because I didn’t want to be distracted and I also didn’t want to be in debt

Sammie’s Avatar
Sammie Oct 13, 2023 150 views

What is the most exciting part of being a firefighter?

What makes you excited to get out of bed and go to work?

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Oct 03, 2023 205 views

What are the steps I need to take to work with wildlife as a career?

I’ve always wanted to work with animals but now that I am older I’ve noticed that many don’t have such good pay and where I live doesn’t have many opportunities to work with wildlife or volunteer. My name is Alexa, I live in AZ, and I want to work with wildlife. I want to know how I can...

Padma’s Avatar
Padma Jun 12, 2023 161 views

What should I major in for a prospective journalist?

What is it like being a journalism major? Is it a worthy major to go into, and what other majors would be recommended if my college doesn't offer it? As well, is grad school necessary for going into the field of journalism?

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Apr 11, 2023 303 views

what should i do during a gap year?

I'm currently a senior in high school.

Markus’s Avatar
Markus Apr 09, 2023 317 views

How do you know which college is the one?

I’m a sophomore in high school and I feel as if all colleges are the same. I am curious if I am the only one like this. Hoping for some insight from people who have been in the same situation.

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Apr 06, 2023 465 views

What are some jobs that doesn't require a college degree?

Currently a senior in high school

Bea’s Avatar
Bea Mar 30, 2023 1063 views

What does a library aide do?

My friend recommended this as a good first time job for me, and I'm very interested as well! It's not as intense as other customer service jobs, but I need confirmation over the type of work they do just to make sure I don't accidentally dive into something I'm not mentally fit for yet! For...

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 01, 2023 464 views

What are some jobs that I could get with a bachelors in communications with a concentration in media management?

This is the major I plan on getting, and I am worried about making enough money to be financially comfortable.

abraham’s Avatar
abraham Mar 27, 2023 313 views

why am i here ?

Question content must be at least 10 characters

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Mar 13, 2023 259 views

how do you know if your career is right for you?

how do you know?

Rosselin’s Avatar
Rosselin Mar 13, 2023 618 views

After I graduate high school should I go straight to collage?

I don't have collage money saved up so I was thinking of getting a job after collage to raise money.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Mar 13, 2023 336 views

What majors should I take as an artist?

I'm not really sure what I should take in college.

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 09, 2023 266 views

how difficult is it to pass the academy for border patrol. ?

what classes would you recommend me to get better chance at being a border patrol during high school?

Jancarlo’s Avatar
Jancarlo Mar 09, 2023 277 views

how do you make a business blow up ?

what should i do