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Alix’s Avatar
Alix May 20, 2023 179 views

How do you apply for colleges and/or scholarships?

And can you apply while still in high school. I just graduated as a junior and I’m moving onto my senior year so I was wondering you could talk classes while still in high school and transfer immediately after graduation.

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti May 20, 2023 3517 views

What medical certifications can I get while in high school?

I'm a rising high school sophomore and have aspirations of going into the medical field. I was wondering about things to do over the summer and thought getting a few certifications in would be helpful. Which ones would you recommend?

Jaliyah’s Avatar
Jaliyah May 20, 2023 293 views

How can i start a acting career?

I don't live in LA and I don't have any connections with people in that field

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana May 20, 2023 234 views

What do you do at the end of an internship?

Hi, I am a high school senior in a finance internship(since February) and I have about nine days left. I know to say thank you to everyone and ask my supervisors if they can connect me to anyone but is there anything else that I should do since my time here is ending?

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan May 21, 2023 136 views

How should I start saving for collage?

I'm trying to get into culinary=]

Venujan’s Avatar
Venujan May 19, 2023 472 views

Should you aim for a high-paying career or a career you love?

I want to do teaching but my parents want me to do engineering or medicine.

Julio’s Avatar
Julio May 20, 2023 323 views

What are some important things to know when I start attending my classes?

I just want to hear any tips for me to have a good start on my very first day of college :)

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH May 15, 2023 158 views

any tips for majoring in behavioral psychology?

just want to know

Jim’s Avatar
Jim May 12, 2023 204 views

What things can I do in my senior that can put me ahead of others or even just to better than I was?

I'm trying to be the best me for my last year of high school so defiantly things I can do this summer or during my senior year that can make me a better me.

Nelly’s Avatar
Nelly May 13, 2023 368 views

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Labor and Delivery Nurse?


I need help finding out what the main difference between these two careers are so I can better decide what to pursue if not Obstetrics.

Thank you!

Iris’s Avatar
Iris May 13, 2023 259 views

How do I motivate myself to prepare for my future?

I want to prepare myself for college but I don’t have the motivation to do much right now.

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian May 12, 2023 234 views

What would make me competitive when i pursue a career or promotion?

I'm in my junior year of high school and i'm wondering what i can do now before college to boost my resume or my understanding of the world.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana May 13, 2023 307 views

How should approach this field?

How should i approach the field of psychology? Therapy/ counseling specifically? What should my classes look like and where can I take internships ect.

Abril’s Avatar
Abril May 11, 2023 212 views

Should I start my path in veterinary in highschool without going to a school that teaches me those skills?

When should I start my veterinary career? Im currently in 8th going to high school in september.

aiden’s Avatar
aiden May 09, 2023 239 views

How do people find the job they want to do in the future?

How do people find the job they want to do in the future? I am going to gradute from highschool soon but still have no idea what job or field I want to go into.