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Aarya Mar 24 303 views

I am in my 6th semester of an engineering college in India , pursuing a degree in B.Tech . I have not done much social work in my college and not really prepared for internships or jobs. I still don't know my interests and what path to focus on. What should I do?

Only 2 more semesters are left for me to pass out and become a graduate.

fox’s Avatar
fox Mar 24 423 views

how can i know the best career?

career tips

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Mar 21 289 views

How to improve my work ethic?

How to improve my work ethic?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Mar 21 347 views

Why don’t people usually get matched with the career of their choice?

I feel like people don’t usually get the type of jobs they prefer. And insight as to why will be of great help

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Mar 15 310 views

How want to be a teacher ?

How want to be a doctor?

Kyra’s Avatar
Kyra Mar 16 921 views

is a marketing and management bachelors degree still valuable?

im currently a marketing and brand management student, and im wondering if this degree is still valuable and if there will be jobs in the near future... because i kind of want to change to the health field - for job purposes...

Brillith’s Avatar
Brillith Mar 16 674 views

Will a Marketing major limit my job prospects?

I am a senior majoring in marketing and I am feeling a bit uneasy regarding my potential job prospects after graduation. I would like to know if my major will limit my ability to work within different industries such as finance and supply chain management? I would appreciate any advise as I am...

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Feb 27 238 views

How can I be more strict to be better prepared when I become a Correction Officer?

I am in 8th grade and I would like to be a Correction Officer.

Juan-Pablo’s Avatar
Juan-Pablo Mar 14 602 views

Radiology/Radiography and where to start!

Hello, This is my first time writing here, I am interested in my career pathway of becoming a radiologist or radiographer! Any tip's internship wise and what to expect? I Wake Tech has a radiography program and was wondering if that would be a good start? I am getting my Associate in Sciences's...

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Mar 14 439 views

Careers in Canada requiring fluent bilinguism?

hi all, I've been working in the flower delivery industry for a few years. I was raised by my dad who taught me French, and I lived in the US since I was a child. For financial reasons, I'm considering a move to Canada. Since it's a bilingual country, I was wondering which careers required the...

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Mar 14 463 views

How to find a career I can enjoy?

Every career I see I don't take interest in it as I am going to high school I really need to find this out

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Mar 11 347 views

How beneficial is working in the Union as an Electrician?

Is working self-employed better? With a license?

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Mar 13 435 views

What are some skills I will need in animations and art?

High school student.

ava’s Avatar
ava Mar 08 292 views

why would it take so many years to become a doctor?

is it just a lot of work in general or is it studies and mentoring and finding other ways to better youself.

Haylee’s Avatar
Haylee Mar 07 275 views

How much schooling is needed to be a veteinary tech?

I am in 11th grade and want to know the details to see if I should choose this career.