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Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 16, 2023 295 views

Is "Folklore" a degree?

Is it a real degree I can get? or is it like "I'm an English major with a focus in folklore?"

Stacy’s Avatar
Stacy May 30, 2023 193 views

I am only 16, can I still be an author?

I go to school and have a part time job on weekends

Kenzie’s Avatar
Kenzie Jun 01, 2023 370 views

How do i become a good writer?

How do i become an author

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Jun 06, 2023 253 views

What are the best internships for those who want to be authors

For those who want careers in poetry and book writing, what are the best internships or routes to go in general?

Shayla’s Avatar
Shayla Jun 05, 2023 353 views

When I choose a major will they look at my grades for specific subject?

For example; If I have a major related to biology but I want to change to a major related in to English. Will they still look at my English grade to determine whether I get in or not?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 07, 2023 308 views

How can I start writing a book based on my life?

I am a Junior in college for my bachelors degree in creative writing and English. I always dreamt of writing my own book based off my life and maybe even turn it into a series of books as I grow older. As much as I can see myself in the near future publishing my first book, I do not know where...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jun 13, 2023 246 views

How do I start coming up with ideas for stories for my writing?

I want to be an professional writer but I’m unsure on how to create or develop the ideas for stories. Are there any tips to create great concepts and stories and actually put them on the page?

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Jun 18, 2023 440 views

How do I become an editor or designer but for movies?

I want to edit films like "Everything, Everywhere All at Once" or the "Spiderman: into the spider-verse and across the spider-verse" but I don't know how to get into the editing industry or what to do to start a portfolio. I am in school for Graphic Design for Digital Media but I just do not...

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jun 30, 2023 466 views

What do I need to do to prepare myself for college?

How can I figure out what I want to do for a career and then how can I best prepare myself as a sophomore in highschool? Im also wondering what classes or activities I should be taking in order to look good on my transcripts.

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jul 08, 2023 277 views

How can I make a good profit by doing something in the english category, that isn’t teaching?

How can I make a good profit by doing something in the english, book region of things. I am in 10th grade, and I have heard from teachers that becoming an author is not a good idea, (What I was wanting to do) because you won’t make enough money to live unless you books hits bestsellers. So is...

alex’s Avatar
alex Jul 08, 2023 334 views

how do i go to college for music?

how do i get to college for music performance, what should i do, why should i go to college for it, and when should I start applying. I am in the 10th grade

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Jul 08, 2023 303 views

Everyone says that writers make no money even if you're famous. Is that true?

I really like writing and have thought about being a play writer but a lot of my friends and teacher say that it would be a really hard profession.