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Arianna Jan 10 1583 views

What is the best school for someone who wants to be an esthetician??

I'm in 9th grade and go to a STEM school, I want to stay in Louisiana or Alabama and I'm currently looking at Aveda for school.

Jaeden’s Avatar
Jaeden Oct 27, 2023 383 views

How do you stay motivated throughout college?

- college freshman

Paola’s Avatar
Paola Oct 27, 2023 542 views

Why is it important to go to school ?

What if schools not for everyone.

Markel’s Avatar
Markel Sep 21, 2023 253 views

how do I get into a good paying medical assistant job right after medial assistant school ?

I am in 10th grade at EOC charter high school

ginna’s Avatar
ginna Oct 22, 2023 310 views

What are some units/jobs in the medical field?

Hi everyone! I am currently a sophomore in highschool and I have been really interested in studying in the medical field. As of now, I’ve been drawn to becoming a radiologist, but I want to be exposed to more jobs revolving around medical. What are some jobs out there?

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Oct 18, 2023 199 views

I want to be a Altec tec ?

i know is a lot of college but what do i need for it.

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Franklyna Oct 17, 2023 335 views

Is Majoring in Sociology and Minoring in French a good idea ?

Hi, I'm a third year student who is planning on majoring in Sociology and minoring in French .I don't really know what to do .I've been told taking a combined major would be the best option .What do you guys think?

Skyler’s Avatar
Skyler Oct 13, 2023 462 views

What are the working conditions like, as an automotive mechanic?

I want to become an automotive mechanic and want to know if the working conditions are good.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 13, 2023 344 views

Are there multipe types of nurses? If so, what does each nurse do?

I'm in tenth grade intrested in a career in nursing, just looking for some tips.

Humberto’s Avatar
Humberto Oct 10, 2023 281 views

What kind of values would I get from working with a company that repairs cars and how will that support me in my future endeavors??

How would I benefit from my job choice in the future? What kind of perks would I be getting from pursuing it?

Kash’s Avatar
Kash Oct 04, 2023 338 views

What are some classe I should take that would help me with becoming and automotive engineer and owning my own shop How many years of school should I go through inorder to become an auto motive engineer??

I am a freshman at waimea high school

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Oct 04, 2023 241 views

My name is Dulce and I go to middle school and I wanna know how if it’s worth it to become a business women?

My name is Dulce and I go to middle school I and want to know if it’s worth being business .

Hadleigh’s Avatar
Hadleigh Oct 03, 2023 203 views

What is like being a dermatologist? When you work as a dermatologist do you get confused or lost? Was school harder than being an actual dermatologist?

What is it like being a dermatologist? - My name is Hadleigh I like to work hard and pay attention to skin, hair and nails, I enjoy helping other people with their problems whether it is helping someone with what to do with a pimple or watching someone online to a facial and recommend skin...

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Oct 03, 2023 266 views

How to i get a job?

Hi I’m a middle school student in Arizona I would like to know how to get a job so that when I’m in high school I could get money for college then after college I could get money and work experience.

makyyah’s Avatar
makyyah Oct 03, 2023 237 views

can you support a family with a CMA certification?

I am currently having a baby, do you think going to trade school to get my CMA will be enough to support me and my daughter ?