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Destiny Dec 18, 2023 883 views

What should I do if I'm scared of debt in college?

What should I do if I'm afraid of putting myself in debt for college, and am considering not pursuing my dream career because of it?

Sherry’s Avatar
Sherry Dec 16, 2023 619 views

What do I do to have a higher chance of getting in a computer science university?

I’m in the 11th grade, my grades are just a bit above average but I haven’t don’t any experience with computer science. I also don’t live in an area where I can easily make connections to work with computer science.

denae’s Avatar
denae Dec 16, 2023 290 views

How will high school help me out in the long run ?

Right now high school is very hard and I want to give up but I want to know how it would really help me when I get older.

Lainey’s Avatar
Lainey Dec 12, 2023 289 views

How to get a scholarship for writing?

what is the best major in college to take? Which classes should I take in high school to get a good scholarship for a writing school and why? How would I go from applying?

Faridosha’s Avatar
Faridosha Dec 12, 2023 324 views

What college is best for engineering classes?

How to succeed in my career, what to do inorder to be able to achieve my dreams, and what are the steps to follow and what can mentor me to able to see my dreams come through.

Nikita’s Avatar
Nikita Dec 08, 2023 633 views

Is switching a computer science related career easy?

If you begin a career in cyber security, computer science or any similar field and want to switch your career to a similar one, is it easy?

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Dec 09, 2023 444 views

Does real estate or architecture have better money and opportunity?

I’m considering both real estate and architecture, which one do you think has better opportunities?
I enjoy architecture but I also am unsure about where I want to attend college.

Benjimen’s Avatar
Benjimen Dec 06, 2023 543 views

What are some benefits and drawbacks of being a web developer compared to other IT/computer science careers?

I'm in 10th grade and I'm doing a project on web developers which is a career I'm interested in going into when I get an associate's or bachelor's degree in IT.

Marvin’s Avatar
Marvin Dec 02, 2023 458 views

How can I be a good programmer and where should I start?

I have developed interest in programming and I'm not aware where I should start

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Dec 04, 2023 360 views

What school is best?

What school is best?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Dec 01, 2023 389 views

For computer scientists how many years of education did it take to acquire a job?

What gave you the most stress, and trouble doing the years of education. What college did you attend and do you reccomend it?

Zhayahn’s Avatar
Zhayahn Nov 27, 2023 808 views

Is computer science worth it with ai taking over

Is computer science worth it with ai taking over

Savion’s Avatar
Savion Nov 27, 2023 540 views

What is the best possible way to learn more about technology, making games, or designs online.

Best way to make games or designs.

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Nov 26, 2023 725 views

How impactful do my high-school sophomore grades impact my chances of getting accepted?

I go to an academically challenging school, and after hitting the ground running freshman year, I hit the sophomore slump with less As than I'd like. I even got my first C. My grades in junior year are all As and A+s.

Gideon’s Avatar
Gideon Nov 24, 2023 302 views

I want to go to the healthcare system but do not know if, that's what I want to do for the rest of my life?

Can you change your major at some point or do you have to follow it for the rest of your life