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Vanessa G. May 18, 2016 564 views

If one ever feels like giving up, what should one keep in mind?

Many times, my days become over whelming and there are times I just want to walk away from things. #college #career #career-counseling...


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Diego G. May 19, 2016 624 views

What University is good to go to if you want to go

I play football, basketball, and soccer. I am not on a basket team and a football team, but I am in a soccer team. I am asking this Question because I want to be a soccer player when I grow up. #university #sports #colleges #soccer...


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Vera L. Oct 22, 2016 718 views

Where can I find scholarships?

I'm looking everywhere for scholarships, and I need reliable sites or sources. How can I finance my own education? Please help :) #college #psychology #graduate-school #college-admissions #college-bound #scholarships #government...


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Paul B. Jan 16, 2018 398 views

How can I afford college in my situation?

My mom made a bulk of my families' income, but she is leaving her job for personal reasons. Additionally, my father refuses to put his own money towards my tuition, which makes my FAFSA particularly unfriendly. I am currently at my dream school, Penn State, and have made lots of friends, but...

#college #scholarships #financial-aid #college-tuition

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Kenneth C. Jan 16, 2018 394 views

How difficult will it be to get an athletic scholarship for college?

I've been doing a lot of research about college scholarships in general. I make good grades, and I'm a decent swimmer. There is so much competition out there and that makes me a little nervous about my chances. #college #scholarships #athletics #recruiting #financial-aid...


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Rebekah C. Jan 16, 2018 408 views

What is something you wish someone would have told you before heading off to college?

I'm asking because going to college can be a big change and I want to prepare in any way I can. #college #life-transitions...


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Shanice N. Jan 16, 2018 374 views

What are some tips and steps that I should take in order to start a charity organization?

I want to start a charity organization that aids in funding the less fortunate, homeless, less developed countries etc. what are some steps that I should be taking I order to start one? For example will I need legal work, lawyers, a large social media platform and donations to start the...

#helping #georgia #psychology #organization #undergrad #essay #clinicalpsychology #college #donate #undergradute #usa #charity

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Erika B. Jan 16, 2018 429 views

What are the best websites to apply for scholarships?

I have not been able to find scholarships in my highschool guidance office and I am not sure where else to look or which scholarships are actually valid. I’d really appreciate any help because I am going into the Nursing major at Edinboro and I need all the scholarships I can get because my...

#college #scholarships #helping-people

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Victoria D. Jan 16, 2018 644 views

I was accepted to a university that was my first choice on my list, but it is also the most expensive, should I accepted anyway and worry about cost later?

The university I was accepted to has a very good criminology department. Most colleges the first 2 years you take the basics than in the last 2 you do your major. But with this college, they start you out immediately with your major. My problem is they were also the most expensive one on my...

#financial-aid #solution #college #financial-planning #money

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Alexander F. Jan 18, 2018 442 views

What is the best website to find scholarships with?

I want to get extra #funding for my #college #tuition and any other expenses that i’ll have to endure in college, so I'm wondering what the best #website/place is to find good...


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alina G. Mar 26, 2018 337 views

At what age should I start visiting colleges?

I'm a freshman in high-school and I do 4 sports! And I'm very academic. Knowing this and also that i'm interested in colleges, when should I start visiting colleges? #college #college-advice...


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Kysha R. Mar 26, 2018 1321 views

How do i find more scholarships?

I am paying for #college on my own and as an 18 year old that is really tough so i definitely need scholarships but how do I find ones that I can actually get? #scholarships...


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Laura C. Apr 02, 2018 358 views

What is the best way to search for scholarships?

I am a junior in high school, and my mom has had me apply to college already, and I want to apply for scholarships, but I have no idea how, or what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. #scholarships...


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christian F. Apr 02, 2018 550 views

Which major would be best for me?

I am a jr. in high school and I plan to go to college. I have no idea where to apply or what to major in. I enjoy math and working with numbers, problem solving, etc. and I also love sports. I would like to stay somewhat involved in the sports world if possible. I was thinking about going into...

#sports #engineering #accounting