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Misty Miller

ISM Rep @ AT&T DirecTV
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Huntsville, Alabama
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Wah Mar 15, 2019 483 views

I am thinking of doing CNA and CMA. Which one of this should I do first?

There is CNA and CMA that they offered here in Denison job corps. I TABE out of both math and reading. I do not have to get diploma nor my license, so I am set on almost half of the things I need. Both seems hard and time consuming, but I want to do both of them. I was wondering which one I...

Minelie’s Avatar
Minelie May 22, 2019 434 views

How much money do you make per week for nursing in all total?

#nursing #nurse

Lazaro’s Avatar
Lazaro Jan 17, 2018 644 views

How can I succeed as a psychologist ?

How can I become a great psychologist or counselor using my #psychology degree? #clinical-psychology #therapy #counseling

dalton’s Avatar
dalton Mar 29, 2018 2844 views

If a employee fails to show up for a mandatory safety training what happens to the employee?

#injury-prevention #workplace-injury-prevention #construction #failure

lajoya’s Avatar
lajoya Jan 25, 2018 550 views

What made you want to become a CNA??

I asked this question because I want to become a CNA and I wanted to know why you became a CNA
#medicine CNA

Ruby’s Avatar
Ruby Jan 09, 2018 705 views

What education and training do I need to be a criminal psychologist?

I've always been fascinated by the minds of murderers and criminals and it's my dream job to work with them and be a criminal psychologist. I'm in high school, and I want to start looking at the best colleges to study criminal psychology at early-ish. #criminal-psychology #criminology...

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jan 17, 2018 633 views

Those attending colleges what can you recommend High school Students?

What are some things a college student or professor, would recommend a high school student to do, or accomplish, before they graduate?

#high-school #college #college-admission #college-prep

Yasmin’s Avatar
Yasmin Jan 11, 2019 660 views

what does it take to be a photographer?

#photography #college-major #programming

John’s Avatar
John Sep 21, 2018 776 views

Will posting photos to Intagram help launch my career in photography?


Tatum’s Avatar
Tatum Aug 14, 2018 457 views

How long does it normally take for someone with a doctorate in Psychology to find a job?

I'm starting to worry about finding a well-paying job when I obtain my doctorate in Psychology. The end goal is to start my own practice, but I'd like to be more knowledgeable about the timeline of these events. #psychmajor

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Jan 22, 2019 508 views

Being a entry level employ, what is the minimum salary i will make?


Dalton’s Avatar
Dalton Jan 31, 2019 542 views

does your company provide equipment?

welding equipment #welder

Kinley’s Avatar
Kinley Apr 16, 2018 1108 views

What are the differences between the work a pyschiatrist does and the work a psychologist does

I have interest in being a psychologist or psychiatrist but I am bit fuzzy on the difference between the two.
#medicine #pyschology #pysch #pyschologist #mental-health-care #mental-health #clincial-mental-health #mental-health-counseling

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Jan 31, 2019 397 views


what type of schedule would I most likely have

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 25, 2016 5768 views

In an interview for a profession, will you get asked if you have any tattoos?

I'm a chemical engineering student in my senior year. I don't know many people who work in a profession such as engineering or business, but, is it common for those big corporations to ask you if you any tattoos? #college #engineering #career #engineer #interviews #hire #tattoos