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Joel Sep 26 86 views

How does I become a sports manager?

I’ve been trying for like a year idk how to do it

Josee’s Avatar
Josee Sep 26 37 views

How can I find jobs in non-profit work ?

What tips do you have for people that want to go into non-profit finance?

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Sep 26 32 views

How do I get into med school I am in college for business management but I realized that I wanna do MBBS and I didn't take biology in high school can someone please help me ?

I am in last year of the degree but I am not sure if I can do MBBS as
I didn't take biology I am a bit worried

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Jun 14 126 views

I am going to be getting my first job soon. How do I go in without feeling anxious? How do I act?

I feel like I am going to mess up or freeze on my first day. I have no idea how professional I am suppose to be. I am very nervous.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Sep 20 51 views

Whens the usual age range where you should be going into your chosen field professionally?

I'm still in college, going into EMT. I'm 20 now and I'm wondering around what age do you really start, or around when I should start my career. I know everyone has different paths so I'm not too worried

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 20 95 views

How do I prepare myself to apply to Leiden university when I'm an American?

-My aunt works there and my parents are very enthusiastic about me going there.
-I have a 4.0 and extra cirriculars.

samiyah’s Avatar
samiyah Sep 19 21 views

What are things I can do to become a STNA?

I want to become a STNA

Trina’s Avatar
Trina Sep 20 57 views

What are some good tips for Rad Techs?

I am the first in my family to consider this field in the health care, however my mom was a CNA she isn’t sure what to do with a rad techs program.

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Aug 16 61 views

How do I become a cardiovascular technician/ perfusionist?

I am a Junior in high school and am now looking into college, I want to know what schools would have the right courses to help put me on the right track towards my goal.

Jaime’s Avatar
Jaime Aug 16 105 views

How do i make money as a teenager in highschool without enough time to get a job?

I am a junior in highschool and im looking for advice on how to start making money on the side. Since I play sports, I don't really have to tame to get a part-time job or anything. Looking for help.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jun 26 100 views

what is a regular day look like as a pipeline welder

ask a welder

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Jun 28 111 views

Becoming a police officer doesn’t require a college degree - so I don’t need one, right? ?

Note: this question is part of our professionals series where volunteers share questions they wish they saw on the platform

Kaylin’s Avatar
Kaylin Jun 28 116 views

What were some of the most differentiating factors between colleges and careers you chose?

I am currently in the process of college admissions and I'm conflicted on what college to apply for, the specifics, and how to determine the best fit.

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jun 23 119 views

How do you open a food business venture?

I want to open a donut shop with my brother in the future and want to know how to get started.

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Jun 14 160 views

How to get an internship with no relevant work experience?

I am an economics major and I have been looking for internships for a while now, but since I don't have any relevant experience it has been hard for me to get any offers.