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Auburndale, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
jeremiah’s Avatar
jeremiah Nov 20, 2023 305 views

how can i make money at 14?

how can i learn to make money and get a job im 14 im a guy trying to be a bartender and a casino dealer i like to work out shuffle my cards and watch youtube i have no inspirations

Hector’s Avatar
Hector Nov 07, 2023 279 views

What is the best way to gat an athletic scholarship?

I play baseball for my local school but I am home-schooled.

Lexie’s Avatar
Lexie Nov 01, 2023 294 views

How can i get paid well ?

What is the best way to get money

maria’s Avatar
maria Oct 20, 2023 480 views

How is that you choosed what you wsnted to do How did you do it? Why did you choosed what you choose??

I am a 9th grader in a pre collegiate school

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Oct 11, 2023 182 views

What are some good college grants and scholarships I can obtain?

I wish to obtain my PhD in psychology by age 24. Unfortunately, my access to academic money is narrow and I want to expand it. If there are any grants and scholarships I qualify for, I am very open to trying them.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Sep 25, 2023 462 views

How do I get more knowledge about a career?

I play the guitar
I want to get better at singing

Kiera’s Avatar
Kiera Sep 11, 2023 435 views

I am interested in wildlife conservation. How do I go about finding someone to do an informational interview with?

I am a high school student in dual-enrollment looking to learn more about different careers in conservation, possible colleges, and what courses would be required, as well as different experiences on the field and in the lab.

Trey’s Avatar
Trey Sep 07, 2023 496 views

How do i make enough money to pay my bills I’m only 16?

I’m 16 living on my own having to pay my own bills what do I do .like how do I make enough money to pay for the bills I’m only 16 living a hard life I just need some friendly advice on wht to do

Bea’s Avatar
Bea Sep 03, 2023 775 views

What made you pursue this career path? How much do you make in the beginning and how much do you make later on? Does it get easier with experience? How much schooling do you need to start? What internships could you get after schooling and during schooling?

When you get the internship does that help get you an official job at the place you get there or help you get recommended to other places?

Santiago’s Avatar
Santiago Aug 29, 2023 305 views

How may I start learning music if I already know a little be?

How may I start learning about music and how to sing healthy? From where? Do I really have to start from zero?

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Aug 27, 2023 524 views

Why should I get lots of volunteer hours throughout high school?

Everyone mentions getting amounts of volunteer hours and that they have like 30 already but I just don’t understand what I really need them for. It isn’t a graduation requirement so I’m confused.

Dawson’s Avatar
Dawson Aug 23, 2023 2776 views

What should I do if I want to be a mechanical engineer but struggle in math??

What would you recommend doing if I wanted to go down the career path of a mechanical engineer but am not very good at Algebra or Geometry? I have been told those are needed to become a mechanical engineer.

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Aug 23, 2023 510 views

If I would like to fix computers or develop softwares, what kind of college courses would I need for that?

I would like to make a career out of this so I want to know if I would need more than a bachelor degree and I’m just curious about what courses I would need in general.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Aug 21, 2023 253 views

How much money can I make for picking people's clothes?

How much money can I make picking people's clothes?
We're can I find a job like this?
How many hours would I be working for?
Do I have to go to college for this job?

ana’s Avatar
ana Aug 13, 2023 390 views

does fashion design provide enough money?

how do i know that i’ll get enough money with this career in the future

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