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Carrollton, Texas

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Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi 22 hours ago 43 views

Could you please help with these interview questions?

I'm conducting an interview with professionals. Please submit your name, age, job title, duties, education, and advice for others attempting to work in your field.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 29, 2016 685 views

Would it negatively affect my college application to have quit a minimum wage job after a few months?

I was thinking of quitting my tutoring job to make more time for preparations for the upcoming school year. Would this show colleges that I have a lack of persistence? #college-admissions #college-bound

Maurice’s Avatar
Maurice May 31, 2018 451 views

What are the regrettable aspects of becoming a neurosurgeon, and things i should consider before i start my track?

Currently going to my senior year of high school, about to start applying for colleges


Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Oct 22, 2015 1407 views

How long do you have to go to school to be in the military

Because I want to serve for my country like my grandpa did #engineer #military #army #air-force #navy

Kalkidan’s Avatar
Kalkidan May 13, 2016 852 views

What job or status can a degree in International Business secure?

I'm considering in majoring in International Business, but I'm unsure of the career choices available with this degree. I'm plan to use this degree to obtain a job with the United Nations; specifically to work in the Middle East. However, I'm not entirely sure what job I can obtain and the...

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren May 17, 2016 746 views

What is the hardest part about transitioning from a high school student to a first year college student?

I am currently a senior and plan on going to Pennsylvania for College. I don't really know what to expect when I get there. I don't have any older siblings who know what it's like and times have changed since my mom went to school. I just want a little help and guidance on how to make the...

DeMarjae ’s Avatar
DeMarjae Feb 22, 2017 1151 views

How long does it take to become a quality musician?

I play the drums i have been playing since i was 5 and I haven't played in a while and this what i want to do so I am asking this question so I will know for myself if I am working hard enough to reach this goal #music #drumming

Maurice’s Avatar
Maurice May 31, 2018 496 views

Are there more disadvantages, or advantages to working in a hospital, and what are they?

#futuredoctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #doctor #hospital

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jun 28 284 views

Career Path to the FBI

Hello, I was trying to figure out the best way to get on a career path to the FBI, Im majoring in Information Technology with a focus in cyber security, and I love to travel as well. So was just wanting some advice on that

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jul 14 176 views

What type of cyber security programs should I be learning as a junior in college

Hi, I'm a cyber security major in college right now, I wanted to know what type of programs or languages I should be learning on my own separate time. Right now I start Linux soon, and some other data information security program.

McKenzie’s Avatar
McKenzie Jul 08, 2018 952 views

How does an degree in Business Finance help in your personal financial life?

Did your major of Business Finance help you with learning personal investing?
#finance-major #finance #investing #budgeting #business #business-finance

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Feb 08, 2019 378 views

Where can I volunteer as a Lab Assistant in a clinical setting?

I'm trying to get experience and shadowing opportunities at a hospital to either use for insight as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

I also want to shadow Physician Assistants if possible. #healthcare #medicine #CLS #clinicallabscientist

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Feb 15, 2017 458 views

Is there anything you don't like about being a firefighter?

I'm just curious about the side of firefighting we don't hear much about #firefighting

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Sep 11, 2020 354 views

What is it like working as a Corrections Treatment Specialist?

Additional Questions:
-what is the difference in Corrections Treatment Specialist and Corrections Counselor?
-How was getting your masters in CJ ? Workload, social life(did you have one) can you work during it? exams, papers, etc.
#corrections #corrections-treatment #counseling #criminal-justice

Hank’s Avatar
Hank May 07, 2016 565 views

I have a tough time deciding between civil engineering and computer science, what are some factors I should consider?

Going to college next year I'm not exactly sure which major would be a better fit for me, both fields seem very interesting. #science #engineer #computer

William’s Avatar
William Oct 29, 2015 1427 views

What website is best to learn coding (Javascript, iOS, Unity)?

As a sort of follow up to my last question (, I am currently using a website called Code School (, but I want to know if that is a good website. It teaches...

Aden’s Avatar
Aden May 18, 2016 917 views

What does a day in the life of a musical therapist consist of?

I have always had a passion for music but I'm afraid of not becoming as big of a singer I would want. I have been taking a lot of career searching tests and this made me realize how much I love helping people as well. So I want to know more about musical therapy before actually pursuing it....

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Aug 28, 2018 355 views

What was your expericence as a mechanical or electrical engineering student?

Going to be applying to colleges soon. Trying to decide between mechanical and electrical engineering. Curious what where the various experiences of the two professions. #student

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jun 07, 2016 1139 views

How do companies feel about hybrid job positions within their companies?

I am currently in High school and would want to pursue my first career as a sales engineer. How do most companies feel about hiring people who would specialize in two separate things at their firm? Do they think it might conflict or would they render it efficient and cost-effective?...

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Oct 27, 2015 869 views

what materials do you need for engineering

I want to know what materials to use so i can come prepaird #engineering #education

Lauryn’s Avatar
Lauryn May 06, 2016 609 views

Which type of communications program will benefit me the most if I were to pursue a position in the music industry?

I really want to pursue a position in the music career. #college #career #career-counseling #music #music-production

Revathi’s Avatar
Revathi Sep 22 148 views

What is the good undergrad for medicine?

I am high school senior thinking of becoming doctor. I have few options but not sure which will be the right one for undergrad 1. Business administration with premed, so that some day i can open my own clinic 2.Biomedical engineering with premed 3.Premed track - what jobs can i get if dont...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 15, 2016 2462 views

What is a quality assurance software tester, and how is it differnt than a regular software tester?

I am interested in knowing the difference between the two. #technology

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Oct 18, 2016 732 views

Looking for Advice to Get a Job in Industrial Engineering

Hello everyone! So I have recently discovered the Industrial Engineering and I am very interested in becoming one. I absolutely love improving processes and making things run more efficiently, I'm good at math, good with people. I would love to find a job as an industrial Engineer but...

kaela’s Avatar
kaela Mar 22, 2017 6884 views

what are some difficulties working with children

is there anything i need to know about the difficulties working with kids #teaching #child-care

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Oct 28, 2015 707 views

Do I have to work alone, or in a group to become a game developer?

I've seen Mircosoft and always thought it was a one person thing, then a question popped up Is it better to work alone, or in groups when making games? #groups

Frances’s Avatar
Frances Jul 10, 2018 1816 views

What is the hardest part about being a nurse?

There are many challenges that come with working in the medical field. I want to know what is the most difficult thing about being a nurse since I hope to become an RN. #medicine #nursing #knowledge #health

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey May 18, 2016 783 views

What is it like to work for the Smithsonian Museum?

I am asking, because I want to know more about the different tasks that are done by museum staff. #history #museum #smithsonian

Cherokee’s Avatar
Cherokee Oct 28, 2015 766 views

were is the best college for being a nurse

i want to be a nurse #nurse

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Mar 08, 2017 1046 views

To become a good nurse do i need to go to collage or can i take nursing school? Would i have the same benefits ?

i want to know the best thing to become a good nurse but that wont take a lot of money. #nurse #nurse-practitioner

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