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Friendswood, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
caleb’s Avatar
caleb 2 days ago 236 views

how do i tailor my career path in such a way that after i am done it would be easier to get a job ?

i have always been interested in medicine

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 18 233 views

How can I work overseas with an HR Management bachelors degree ?

I am currently an HR Assistant for a Manufacturing company, but my ultimate dream would be to work overseas for a manufacturing or oil/gas company.

Anuoluwapo’s Avatar
Anuoluwapo Jun 17 183 views

How is it possible to pursue a major in nursing but also biology at the same time#Spring23?

Hello! I want to go to school and major in biology to pursue further education at medical school but I also want to have a back-up and at least a job that will give me some experience in the healthcare field, but I don't know if it's possible to pursue nursing and biology at the same time even...

niles’s Avatar
niles Jun 11 263 views

how can i become a registered nurse in my college?

registered nurse tips

king’s Avatar
king Jun 01 571 views

how to be a cyber security analyst ?

what are essentially needed to be a cyber security analyst

James’s Avatar
James May 29 403 views

How can I cope with work and School ?

How can I cope with work and School

Faith’s Avatar
Faith May 28 655 views

What roadmap do I need to become good and get a job in cyber security

I'm still in highschool, but I'm starting to think of what next next to do after highschool.

jude’s Avatar
jude May 27 232 views

How do I connect to an Online communities to make money?

I really want to have an online side hustle to make money from the internet, really wish if some of the communities can be share to me

Zack’s Avatar
Zack May 20 396 views

what are business models?

what is the best business models for a teenager? starting a business got many challenges why are some ways to overcome them and types of challenges we faces

Rider’s Avatar
Rider May 18 204 views

What can I or cant include in my CV?

What can I or cant include in my CV?

James’s Avatar
James May 16 132 views

How can one make an engineering design to be more attracting?

How can one make an engineering design to be more attracting?

HILDA’s Avatar
HILDA May 15 817 views

What are the emerging trends in the marketing industry as far as technology is concerned ?

My name is Hilda, age 15 . in the near future I'm looking forward to start various businesses , therefore I would like to understand the above question.

Hafsa’s Avatar
Hafsa May 15 410 views

What are some career options for a major in Psychology (non-medical school)?

What are some lucrative career options if I decide to major in Psychology without following the pre-med route? I will be an incoming freshman in college and am still considering options of what I want to major in and fields I may potentially want to work in the future.

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah May 15 290 views

What a good advice before heading to college?

what make you have a better start for what want to be?

Ngozi’s Avatar
Ngozi May 10 252 views

What branch of computer science should I major in

What branch of computer science should I major in

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