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Dee’s Avatar
Dee 2 days ago 215 views

Will major airlines accept degrees like associates degree?

I want to become a commercial pilot. I have read on a bunch of websites that in order to stand out and be hired by a major airline, they would want you to have a college degree. Many of them say bachelors degree. But will they hire you, even if you have a associates degree?

Dee’s Avatar
Dee Jun 11 293 views

What subjects do you need to know in order to become a pilot?

I heard a bunch of websites say that I need to learn math and physics and maybe even chemistry to become a pilot. Do I need to learn the basics of physics and chemistry to become a pilot? Or do I need to learn more in depth of the subject?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 07 2885 views

What to do when conflicted over possible majors?

I am an incoming senior in HS. I plan on going down the art path, but do not know whether to do Graphic Design in Marketing, or to go down the Museum Studies path. I am an art student at my school, and plan on joining a student board for an art museum as an internship, but I have always been...

Aracely’s Avatar
Aracely Jun 04 693 views

I’m undecided whether I should choose chemical or environmental engineering. I want to know which will be worth it?

My strong subject is science, a little bit bad at math but I know I can learn. I don’t want to stay in a single working environment, I want to be able to travel and move around. I also would appreciate a reality check on both of these engineering fields, are these any good when put into the...

Greg’s Avatar
Greg Jun 03 1391 views

What careers offer the best growth? Former college and pro athlete now turning to work force. Very employable, willing to do any career as long as there is room for growth and more hands off the longer I’m into it. Not looking for a career where the more promotions I get the more hours I have to work, that doesn’t really make sense to me. Need something that can lead to a management role or entrepreneurial opportunities

Any experience or career path welcome

David’s Avatar
David Jun 03 1000 views

What kind of internships or jobs that will be with Mechanical Engineering?

I'm just trying to see what kind internships/jobs would help lead me to that career path and if their willing to help out someone with no experience BUT, willing to learn and expand with the knowledge.

David’s Avatar
David Jun 03 408 views

how do I get in the automotive tech/mech with no level of experience, but open to grow and gain knowledge as I work?

I been looking for jobs already in the field it seems that no company want people with no experience but I'm willing to work as well to gain understand for my future job once I graduate as a mechanical engineer of if so if their any other jobs what would help me gain experience to help me gain...

Tedd’s Avatar
Tedd Jun 01 582 views

How to manage my money better?

How to manage my money better?

vivian’s Avatar
vivian May 28 265 views

How can I start a medicine class?

I'm currently a student, who is into volunteering and helping the elderly in different homes. I would love to be in medicine in future.

maya’s Avatar
maya May 23 801 views

what is the best way to manage my fnances?

financial management tips

Darlene’s Avatar
Darlene May 22 409 views

I am looking to get back into the job market as an administrative assistant. Most employers want skills using Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. What is the best way to conquer these much needed skills? #2024.

I am an older adult going to college to achieve my dream of getting an Associates degree in Liberal Arts. After that, I plan to study psychology. My hobbies are reading and writing. I like to learn new things also.

Aleika’s Avatar
Aleika May 21 287 views

What are some ways I can advance into my career as a labor and delivery nurse as a rising senior in high school?

Hi, I am a rising senior and wanting to go into nursing, specifically labor and delivery nursing. I wanted to know if there’s any certificates I can get or even online or even classes I can take to take it a step further into my career? I also am wanting to go to Baylor university to help me...

Dee’s Avatar
Dee May 21 180 views

What do you do in high school and college to become a midwife?

I am interested in the career of a midwife and I need some course guidance on it.

Luke’s Avatar
Luke May 21 370 views

Why do we need job interview?

What is the best way to pick a career the can be profitable and that has a lot of impact in the society. Why do I need to get into college to make sure of that

Alex’s Avatar
Alex May 21 366 views

I want to be an AD man ,i Love marketing and advertising, How important is college on this part, bear in mind I can buy necessary courses, acquire the skill and then go ahead to intern in an organization ?

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