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Imperial Beach, California

Within 40 mile radius
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Bryan Apr 20 330 views

Looking to interview a Veterinarian for a college assignment?

Are there any Vets out there that can assist me in answering these questions? 1. Can you share a little bit about your background, education, and what led you to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine? 2. Could you provide an overview of the typical responsibilities of a Veterinarian? 3....

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Apr 20 344 views

What school would be the best option to work in the government ?

Hello, I currently got accepted to both SDSU and UCSD but don’t know what school to chose. If I got to SDSU I’ll be majoring in public administration and if I go to UCSD political science. My goal is to first become a sheriff and move my way up to the federal level. What school would be the...

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Maureen Mar 22 349 views

What is it like to be a physical Therapist?

advice, tips, help, specifics, details

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Maureen Mar 22 234 views

What social studies career makes the most money?

advice, tips, help, specifics, details

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Maureen Mar 22 357 views

If my natural inclination is not to draw should I be an architect?

advice, details, specifics,

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Maureen Mar 22 341 views

How to know if you are qualified to be a lawyer?

Traits, advice, details, specifics.

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Maureen Mar 22 283 views

What is the life of a lawyer like?

Specific details and qualifications for each. Pay, hours, mindset, traits, family life, degrees.

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Isabella Feb 27 262 views

What are some junior courses I should take if I want to go into premed?

I want tp go to college, and hopefully go to med school after and pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I am not sure which type of dr I would want to become but my options are open.

Jenny’s Avatar
Jenny Feb 23 537 views

What degree might help me achieve financial stability sooner?

I am debating between industrial/organizational psychology, business-admin, and Political Science? also which degree might help more once I obtain a bachelors because I do know that for psychology and and political science I might have to further my education after my bachelors but I am just...

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Feb 12 543 views

what did it take?

what did it take to get to being independent and running a company. how did you motivate yourself to stay consistent. and lastly did you have to graduate high school in order to pursue this career.

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Mina Feb 08 468 views

What degrees will I need to teach English in a foreign country?

Advice for future career.

Lacie’s Avatar
Lacie Jan 23 931 views

How do you start up a business from scratch and keep it going without fail and eventually become a very successful business you own?

I want to start my own business with homemade jewelry and have it become successful someday.

Carmen’s Avatar
Carmen Jan 17 891 views

How Can I look for scholarships?

How Can I look for scholarships?
Why I have to investigate about school?
What is something to considerate?
Where are some opportunities of jobs
How to get in universities?

Ade’s Avatar
Ade Jan 09 1718 views

What is one class that can help me understand financial planning?

I am a freshman in high school. One of my favorite classes is English and world cultures, when I go to college I am thinking about taking business classes so that I could run my own business. I just wanted to know what I could do for college.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Oct 18, 2023 575 views

How can I get far in business?

When I get older I want to enter the business industry. Does anyone have any tips about business, or how I can exceed in that field of ineterst.

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