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Karan’s Avatar
Karan Jun 16 261 views

As a highschooler, how can I find food science & marketing opportunities?

I am incredibly passionate about vegan food science & marketing. Specifically, in the near future I want to develop a product and put it on a grocery store. I wasn't sure if that was feasible now given the amount of regulations it takes and my age, but I was wondering how you get opportunities...

Heather’s Avatar
Heather Jun 13 283 views

How do i be a successful entrepreneur?

Provide more details on being a successful entrepreneur.

Railey’s Avatar
Railey Jun 07 1133 views

What are the differences between the work of a materials engineer vs. a materials scientist?

I've been trying to decide which field I want to get into, and I want to figure out which one matches me most.

samuel’s Avatar
samuel Jun 03 762 views

What made you decide this what you want to be doing for the rest of your life?

Why did you take up marketing and what step did you take to obtain your job/career?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 23 457 views

Choosing the right major :(

I'm currently having a crisis about choosing a college major. I'm a 30-year-old female who moved to the United States 7 years ago, and English is my second language. I work full-time at a large hospital as a transporter, and prior to that, I worked as a patient care technician with a CNA...

Teera’s Avatar
Teera May 14 525 views

Can I continue education with M. Arch degree by BA in fine art?

"How BA art continue education with M. Arch."
I am an art student at UW and graduate in BA of art next year. I have a ton of passionate about architect. It is a good idea to apply M arch and please give me some advice my portfolio?

Grace’s Avatar
Grace May 14 264 views

How to start a career in coding

How to start a career in coding together with engineering

fabian’s Avatar
fabian May 09 423 views

is working hard the most important thing in life?

is it working hard

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron May 08 389 views

What and why ?

1, What is the impact of entrepreneur in our modern society?

2, what is the impact or importance of starting an entrepreneurship and the

tyler’s Avatar
tyler Apr 26 321 views

what is the biggest achievement one can get?

am good with data, where can i work

Amwaj’s Avatar
Amwaj Apr 24 292 views

Dietitian Questions

Hello! I really want to do something in the medical field, and one of my options is to become a dietitian. My questions are: 1. Can I get a PhD for it? 2. If so, what are the differences between a regular dietitian and a dietitian with a PhD (e.g., difference in salary, difference in what...

sebastian’s Avatar
sebastian Apr 16 593 views

how can i get internship?

internship tips

caden’s Avatar
caden Apr 10 390 views

what is the best justice and career system?

justice tips

David’s Avatar
David Apr 09 517 views

How, can I get jobs on graphic designing when I finish university. And also what is the payout for graphic designers It’s a thing that has been bothering me recently.

Do they actually have high income

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Apr 09 347 views

How important is networking in general?

All kind of networking

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