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Northfield, Massachusetts

Within 40 mile radius
Haylee’s Avatar
Haylee Mar 06 694 views

What jobs or career paths align with these values?

I really value creativity, knowledge/education, and wealth/money.

Brandyn’s Avatar
Brandyn Mar 06 572 views

I am interested in running my own excavation/ landscaping/construction company. I value money, family/friends, and creativity. Will this career path align with my values?

Is this a good career?

caleb’s Avatar
caleb Mar 06 389 views

I'm interested in becoming a tower climber. I value Fun, Creativity, and money. Will this career path align with my values?

Im just curious about this.

Keeley’s Avatar
Keeley Mar 06 417 views

What jobs or career paths align with my values?

I really value helping others, working in nature and having fun. What jobs or career paths align with these values?

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Mar 06 655 views

I am interested in becoming a programmer.?

I value education, teamwork, and equality. Will this career path align with my values?

Lux’s Avatar
Lux Feb 21 769 views

What does it take to become a psychiatrist?

Like for example, how many years of school is needed, what qualifications I'd need, ect.

madison’s Avatar
madison Jan 26 2559 views

What is the best way to become an Aesthetic Nurse?

I'm getting my ASN at a community college by 2026, what should I do after that if I'm interested in doing Aesthetic Nursing? (preforming injections-botox and fillers)

madison’s Avatar
madison Jan 26 583 views

How to become a tattoo artist?

After graduating high school, whats the best way to go about becoming a tattoo artist?

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Jan 25 752 views

How do I find the right major in college when going in undecided?

I need advice on how to choose the right major.

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Jan 25 760 views

If I am going to college to become an Environmental police officer what is more important, Criminal Justice or Environmental Science.

I need advice on this to know what I should major in for college.

Tanner’s Avatar
Tanner Jan 25 590 views

How much money does a person that works in Sports Medicine make a year Is it enough to cover food, a house, a family?

I want to have a career in sports medicine and I want to know about it.

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Jan 25 737 views

How can I be a computer programmer?

I want to be a computer programmer.

bella’s Avatar
bella Jan 25 885 views

what is the best collage to go to for being a registered nurse?

im looking to go to collage for nursing.

Braedyn’s Avatar
Braedyn Jan 25 1241 views

How important is having a masters degree for Civil Engineering?

I need advice on whether a masters degree is worth it in civil engineering.

Brionna’s Avatar
Brionna Jan 25 384 views

What are some colleges that someone who wants to study criminal psycology go?

I'm a 10th grade sudent who plans to go to college for criminal psychology but doesn't know what classes or what colleges to go to.

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