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Tahsin’s Avatar
Tahsin Sep 29, 2023 789 views

Best Major for Law School?

Hi, I am a current high school senior wondering what would be the best major for someone who's trying to get into law school.

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Sep 20, 2023 183 views

Is there any possibility I can major in Human & Physiology? I took two semesters of it, a semester of calculus 1, college algebra, and trigonometry. I'm assuming I'll be able to at this point. And I did finish a semester of biology, as well as introductory chemistry. Feedback is always appreciated.

I want to major in human anatomy and physiology for research. I enjoy it so much, and I hope calculus 1, college algebra, and trigonometry is enough. I also hope biology and introductory chemistry will suffice. I don't think calculus 2 is something I can handle.

Merrick’s Avatar
Merrick Sep 11, 2023 321 views

Why is school so hard?

Why is school so hard It seems easy but u missed one day and I feels like I’m really behind

Chelsea’s Avatar
Chelsea Aug 27, 2023 279 views

Should a portfolio for art school have a wide range of media, or should it just be what career you want to go into?

For example would it be best to leave it as all drawings, or should I add in some sculptures or ceramics?

Niya’s Avatar
Niya Aug 27, 2023 853 views

How do u become a nurse?

How do u become a nurse what skills do it take to be a travel nurse or a cna medical nurse please give me some tips for this career and why did u decide to do this I’m 12 a incoming 8th grader I really want to know what’s out there for me to do

Kennedi’s Avatar
Kennedi Aug 27, 2023 515 views

What is the most commonly asked question during an interview ?

I want to go into architecture and I want to know what requirements I should have done in order to get the job

Denmi’s Avatar
Denmi Aug 23, 2023 357 views

What would be the best option for a film school in the U.S?

I’m taking a film class and interested on continuing it after graduating.. I’d like something cheap but also a great program

serine’s Avatar
serine Aug 22, 2023 2680 views

after i’m a police officer how do i become a homicide detective?

i’m so confused do i go to school while i’m an officer or what? plus what’s the college degree do i need

P’s Avatar
P Aug 20, 2023 364 views

How to choose the right career in college ?

I have no idea what I want to major in college.

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Aug 18, 2023 446 views

What are things you can do in high-school that stands out to colleges?

I’m a incoming student at Grosse Pointe South in Grosse Pointe Michigan. School is very important to me so the question that often comings to mind when I think about going to higher is, “ Am I making the right choices for classes and extra curricular activities?”. I definitely need help coming...

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Aug 15, 2023 558 views

How hard is it to get an athletic scholarship or even an academic scholarship for any division college?

I don’t know if it’s worth trying to get a full ride scholarship for volleyball. I would love to know if it’s worth trying

Kamaria’s Avatar
Kamaria Aug 12, 2023 338 views

How to start my business?

I want to learn how to run and start business

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Aug 11, 2023 265 views

How can I start making money?

How can I start making money at 15?

Damien’s Avatar
Damien Aug 11, 2023 319 views

Should I settle on a profession even if I'm not sure I'll want to do it for the rest of my working life?

The Profession I plan to go into as of now is the one that my parents want, but I don't. Now I fear that it is too late to find what I truly want to do.

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