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Roxbury Township, New Jersey

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jin’s Avatar
jin May 26 433 views

How is the job outlook for dosimetrist?

Now with the whole ai thing do you think less dosimetrist will be in demand (in your job, have you guys started using ai to complement the work?)?

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna May 26 623 views

How can I better prepare myself for the future?

I am currently a rising senior and originally I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist, but I know they do not make a lot of money. I want to be in a career where I can help people and still be able to help myself.

Adrien’s Avatar
Adrien May 25 425 views

Why is there difficultly finding job pathways?

Like why isn't there more extensive carrer training programs for each job

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 25 1378 views

What steps do I need to take to become a project manager by 25?

I am a third year undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. Expected Graduation Date: May 2025. I want to become a project manager one day in the engineering sector. After that, I would like to start my own business in that same industry. I am not sure which...

Habeebllahi’s Avatar
Habeebllahi May 25 515 views

How to excel in environmental science and graphic design?

Grade/School Level: Seventh Grade Career-related Interests: Favorite classes: Science and Art College majors: Interested in Environmental Science and Graphic Design Skills: Good at drawing, enjoys working on group projects Hobbies: Loves hiking and sketching nature scenes Career Question: I'm...

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 25 233 views

To do list?

I would like to become a doctor and be successful.

Sabrina’s Avatar
Sabrina May 25 344 views

What should I do to get into a prestigious college?

Specific extracurriculars? Volunteering? Dedication? Good GPA?

Jayniah’s Avatar
Jayniah May 24 354 views

I like helping animals,what should be my career path ?

In 11th grade ,love animals

Josh’s Avatar
Josh May 23 302 views

What do i need to become an aspiring veterinarian?

I am about to graduate from highschool and I want to know what i should do if I want to get closer to being a veterinarian without alot of experience.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 23 448 views

How do I get connected with people in the music industry so my chances of becoming a singer are higher??

I heard that getting connection with any busy can boost your chances of getting the position you want. I want to know how to make these connections in the music industry and how to keep the relationships going.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 23 451 views

How do I self-publish my book?

I have been trying to find out ways how to self publish but I was never able to find out how to do it. I was wondering if someone could help me/

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole May 23 340 views

What are some tips for college?

I just finished my freshmen year of college and I am wondering how the next years will be. Should I be focused or worried about anything? I am also a Forensic Psychology major and I don't have a minor yet. Should I be thinking about minors?

kiamiah’s Avatar
kiamiah May 22 314 views

what tips do you have for me, a person who wants to teach middle school?

tips for a teacher

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 22 660 views

I want to be a Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor, and Author. Is it possible to do them all?

I’ve seen many people that have done it. Like Kim K. She does so much and so well. I want to know if I can do all the things I love to do and keep a personal life and keep myself from going insane from all the work.

Gyah’s Avatar
Gyah May 22 262 views

What types of scholarships are to be avoided/put on priority?

What types of scholarships are to be avoided/put on priority? Are there certain ones more beneficial that others? Are all scholarships good sholarships? Should I look out for certain sponsors?

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