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Steve Swisher

Category Manager of Procurement
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The Woodlands, Texas
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Active Locations’s Avatar Aug 04, 2021 744 views

What age is it best to start a business.

Hi I'm 14 in the 10th grade.
My name is Aiyana. #business #business-development #marketing #entrepreneur #finance

thomas’s Avatar
thomas Sep 20, 2019 676 views

what got you where you are today in your feild of work?

Hello my names Thomas, I'm interested in joining the game development career and like to get more advice and tips on how someone further up in the chain? #video-games #gaming #video-game-design #career

puneeth’s Avatar
puneeth May 04, 2016 995 views

i want to become a supply chain firm manager?which subject i want to take?

hi! i am puneeth i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 18, 2021 710 views

how do i study for marketing?

#Study #Marketing

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Apr 07, 2021 711 views

What is the difference between a marketing and ad agency?

I'm wondering how they are differentiated. Also, are there some that perform both marketing and ad wrap-around? What is most common? Thank you! #marketing #advertising #ad-agency #marketing-agency #media #media-production #social-media

Makiya’s Avatar
Makiya Mar 01, 2021 743 views

How do you know if you like your profession?

I am very versatile. I Can switch us and so almost anything if I put my mind to it. It’s not hard for me a catch on and learn something new. #any #professional #educator #friends

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared Oct 10, 2011 3534 views

What is the entry-level salary at a consulting company?

I'm interested in getting benchmarks on salaries for university graduates in the United States who are going to work at major consulting companies. Is there a big range? Are there any good recent studies? #consulting #compensation

Jing’s Avatar
Jing Apr 13, 2021 637 views

How do you find your career and what you want to do?

I am a current Junior and I am going to make my college application. I want to know that how to find a career and I can choose my major to study in. #careers #career-path #career-choice

Donovan’s Avatar
Donovan Mar 18, 2021 653 views

What is the hardest part about marketing?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me marketing would be a good career choice for me. #school #student #graduate-school #high-school-classes #college #marketing

Mira’s Avatar
Mira Mar 18, 2021 2219 views

What made you interested in business management?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. After I took a survey, business management was one of the suggested paths I got. I would like see if I would be interested in business management. #career #business

takius’s Avatar
takius Mar 11, 2021 1047 views

how to i get into Real estate


Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Apr 13, 2021 839 views

Should I go to a community college or university?

I've taken a lot of art classes in school but I'm not set on what kind of career I want to pursue and still want time to try other activities within the field. I'm wondering what kind of school is best for me while I'm figuring out what I want to do exactly. I do well in my classes, I don't try...

Florence’s Avatar
Florence Apr 08, 2021 742 views

I fear talking to the public and how can I overcome that

I am somehow shy
I talk much when I get to know one better
Fear to bring up an idea in public

Chandni’s Avatar
Chandni Oct 11, 2017 3005 views

How is Supply Chain as a domain ?

This question is for all the Supply Chain Professionals. How do you find this domain in terms of job prospects ? How did you get certified and gained work experience in this field ? Please share your experiences and any insights you can offer. Thanks. #supply-chain #logistics...

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Dec 15, 2020 1375 views

What is the work-life balance like for consulting?

#consulting #business #traveling