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Bellevue, Washington
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Simon’s Avatar
Simon Dec 02, 2023 406 views

How do you start a great business and overcome the challenges in the beginning while still keeping your head up?

How do i start a clothing brand from scratch?
Ways to make money as a teen online?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Dec 04, 2023 433 views

How would i make it farther into my own business if im just starting?

If I'm just starting my business or thinking of starting one how would I do so

Faisol’s Avatar
Faisol Dec 05, 2023 657 views

How important is programming in cybersecurity?

What is also the best programming language in cybersecurity and what are the applications of programming in cyber-security.

Deshani’s Avatar
Deshani Dec 05, 2023 551 views

How do you find the career that is best fit for you?

i have been thinking a lot about what career path i want to go down and i am having some troubles figuring out what to do. Is it okay not to know what i want to do?

Issarlyn’s Avatar
Issarlyn Oct 25, 2022 425 views

What are the most important thing when building a resume?

What are the main and most important things in a resume when aplaing for any job category that falls under business employment. And what what are the main and most important things in a resume when aplaing for any job category that falls under Game designing.

eliana’s Avatar
eliana Nov 03, 2022 521 views

can you take criticism and if not why?

can you take criticism and if not why and how ?

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Nov 28, 2022 1431 views

For my resume about technology, what more skills can I add?

My skills in my resume include communication, research, experience, and basic knowledge of HTML. I feel like I need to add more skills, what are some extras that may relate to the tech job resume?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Nov 30, 2022 543 views

How early does being good in math matter if I want to work in technology?

This question comes from a CareerVillage professional who wishes more students would ask this.

Finn’s Avatar
Finn Dec 02, 2022 835 views

What are some jobs of the future that may not even fully exist yet?

I'm wondering if there are any jobs that could become hugely relevant that we don't fully know about yet, like how tech work became popular.

Analba’s Avatar
Analba Dec 08, 2022 764 views

Psychology Questions

How long does it take to get a Psychology degree?

How can you start your own business in this field?

Ahkilah’s Avatar
Ahkilah Dec 09, 2022 954 views

Career advice for an MBA Graduate?

I am graduating with my MBA in management this Saturday! I am super excited but I am seeking advice on next steps. I don’t have much work experience, but I have lots to offer. Any suggestions for how someone like me can break through the barriers of entry level positions?

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Dec 08, 2022 737 views

How to pick a career?

How would you determine a career path when you have multiple dreams and goals?

Campbell’s Avatar
Campbell Dec 13, 2022 481 views


What's a good career for people who are interested in a human mind?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Dec 13, 2022 703 views

Do you expect hiring for the Computer Tech region to increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next few years?

The world is starting to use more technology and becoming more advanced so maybe the demand will start increasing.

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Dec 13, 2022 832 views

In your career, was there any obstacles that almost drove you away?

There are always cons to a job, but was there anything bad enough that almost made you stop what you love to do?