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Philip’s Avatar
Philip Dec 12, 2022 104 views

How can you stay consistent with a routine?

How can you stay consistent with a routine?

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Dec 08, 2022 191 views

What are some ways to get paid undergraduate research?

I know professors typically pay their students, but in my case, my professor had not yet received funding and couldn't pay me himself. Are there other methods?


Connor ’s Avatar
Connor Sep 28, 2017 492 views

What degrees and fields of study does it take to become an induced pluripotent stem cell researcher?

Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) research is very new in the biology field. I have read articles stating that you need to fulfill requirements in x, y, and z. Though if I don't have "z" I am not hindered from being a iPSC researcher.

#stem cells

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Oct 24, 2016 872 views

What nonprofit companies hire health science majors?

I would like to travel to countries in need #degree #experience

Britney’s Avatar
Britney May 25, 2017 560 views

What types and how do pediatric dentists/general dentists do research?

When, why, and how would they use and/or perform experiments, observation, surveys, etc. #medicine #research #pediatrics #dentistry #dental-hygienist #career-details

America’s Avatar
America May 28, 2021 300 views

How does an average day in Immigration Customs look like?

#immigration #law #research #lawyer #law-school

Christell’s Avatar
Christell Feb 26, 2021 252 views

best colleges in MA for nursing?

#experience #knowledge

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Apr 21, 2022 325 views

How do I start studying mortuary science on my own?

To all professional morticians out there, do you have any tips as to how I can study and research mortuary sciences? I'm unsure where to begin.

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 08, 2017 6764 views

If you could go back in time and tell your younger-self one thing, what would it be?

What one piece of advice would you want to tell your younger self? Would it be something about jobs and careers, losses and struggles, life and love? What would it be? #business #medicine #marketing #financial-services #social-media #marketing-and-advertising #strategy #customer-service

Emma’s Avatar
Emma May 21, 2016 641 views

What job(s) can I get with a studio art bachelor's degree?

I'm a senior in high school so I haven't exactly figured out my life yet but I know I'm going to get at least a bachelor's degree with a major in studio art. I didn't really look into what kind of jobs that i can get with this degree because I decided that i wanted to go to college at the last...

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Oct 30, 2016 463 views

Would having a psychology minor help with finding careers?

If I majored in biology, would a psychology minor look good? #biology #research

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 31, 2016 571 views

What boundaries, if any, can limit a Research Assistant's role in conducting experiments to produce results?

I would like to know how successful I can expect to be as a Research Assistant. My goal is to study Biochemistry and work in a laboratory finding cures for diseases. My dream is to incorporate my passion for science into a career that will provide unlimited growth and success. #science...

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Sep 27, 2022 87 views

In the process of applying for college

What will be the most important thing when trying to apply for college?

Sofie’s Avatar
Sofie Sep 28, 2022 251 views

How can I figure out what field of science I like best?

I know that I am interested in science, but if I want to pursue it as a career, I need to start narrowing it down.

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Sep 28, 2022 91 views

How much money does it take to start up a company?

How much money exactly?