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Kennedy’s Avatar
Kennedy Feb 25 360 views

What classes or "pre-requisites" are required in order to apply to a nurse practioner program??

Other than the undergrad general education classes and the RN & BSN core courses...

Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Dec 11, 2023 540 views

Is it hard to go through nursing school? Is community college less distracting than a university ?

I’m in 12th grade and plan on going to college for nursing but I really need to know what to expect so I can be mentally prepared I also decided to go to a community college because I didn’t want to be distracted and I also didn’t want to be in debt

Tali’s Avatar
Tali Dec 11, 2023 316 views

how do I become a nurse and become a lawyer afterwards

how do i become a nurse?? can i become both a doctor as well as a nurse? can i do both or will that impact my job hours and stress levels??

Liliana’s Avatar
Liliana Oct 03, 2023 365 views

What are the benefits of being a nurse ?

My name is Liliana, and I am a middle school student who lives in Arizona. I have been interested in working in the healthcare industry since I was 8. However, I have been trying to learn more about this career to see if it is right for me. What are the benefits of being a nurse? If a...

Harmony’s Avatar
Harmony Sep 25, 2023 376 views

Who do I go to for help?

How do I find more hands on opportunities in the med field as a sophomore ? Where and who should I go to for mentorship and guidance other than people on line.

Raissa’s Avatar
Raissa Sep 25, 2023 2635 views

What do i have to major in to become an anesthesiologist?

I am a senior in high school and i want to become one, i just don't know what i need to study. I have looked it up before but i could never really find the answer.

Elise’s Avatar
Elise Aug 17, 2023 372 views

Is medical school super hard?

I was just wondering because I want to be a psychiatrist but I’m not sure since I have to go to medical school for that, I’m not expecting it to be easy or anything, but I don’t know if I can handle anything like SUPER difficult lol

Jamia’s Avatar
Jamia Aug 10, 2023 305 views

What are the steps to being an true travel nurse?

What are the best ways to finish medical school? what are some tips on how to study for nursing and going through real life problems with patients?

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Aug 08, 2023 596 views

What is the typical day like for a nurse assistant?

Does the schedule differ depending on the nursing assistant?

Italy’s Avatar
Italy Aug 02, 2023 347 views

What should be my plan for college since I plan on being a pediatric? Are there any majors, internships, clubs I should be taking into consideration to maximize the best of my abilities?

Also how many different types of pediatrics are there?

Lomewika’s Avatar
Lomewika Aug 02, 2023 472 views

What do I want to do in Life, and how am I going to succeed?

I'm going to 8th grade this year, I want to be a physician but, don't know how to get there.
What programs am I going to enroll in to get better experience? What type of scholarships I'm going apply for?

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Aug 01, 2023 449 views

Why become a doctor v.s. a nurse or even a physician assistant?

Any tips, advice, or guidance would be extremely helpful. It would also be nice to hear anyone's own experience on why they made their decision.

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Aug 01, 2023 6872 views

What are some good part-time jobs for high school students who want to work in the medical field in the future?

What are some good jobs for high school students that can help prepare them for a career in the medical field?

Rosa’s Avatar
Rosa Jun 05, 2023 304 views

is there room for growth in this industry?

Medical assistant

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti May 20, 2023 9737 views

What medical certifications can I get while in high school?

I'm a rising high school sophomore and have aspirations of going into the medical field. I was wondering about things to do over the summer and thought getting a few certifications in would be helpful. Which ones would you recommend?