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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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Claire’s Avatar
Claire Jun 18, 2023 247 views

Is most of the job from behind a computer screen?

I'm in 12th grade this year and I am considering going into architecture because it involves designing and I am interested in architecture because I love seeing big or beautiful old buildings.

Zoey’s Avatar
Zoey Jun 07, 2023 325 views

What should I do after highschool? I want to be a model but I don't know if I should go to school for it or not

Just a little advice please.

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jun 02, 2023 280 views

should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university?

I can’t decide what i should do I’m really very confused and stressed which one should I choose I love singing should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university please help me out!

Anastasiia’s Avatar
Anastasiia May 20, 2023 257 views

How to build portfolio for ux/ui designer role?

How to build portfolio for ux/ui designer role if there were no real life projects. Maybe some tips on where to start, how many projects to include, and the best way to present them

Jade’s Avatar
Jade May 08, 2023 187 views

Things You Wish You Were Told

What are some tips, tricks and information you wish you were told before you became an adult going to college?

C’s Avatar
C May 06, 2023 1035 views

What is a Prompt Engineer / Should I list ChatGPT skill on my resume ?

Context: With ChatGPT , AI tools gaining popularity in all industries, is 'AI skill' something that companies and HR managers are looking for in the coming years ? If so, what does 'AI skills' mean to you ? ( e.g. able to generate reports with greater efficiency using ChatGPT ? ) Most...

Tianna’s Avatar
Tianna May 07, 2023 444 views

What's the nature of working in Software Development for E-Commerce?

I noticed that Developers work in various industries. I'm slightly interested in e-commerce. I like the idea of building websites and apps to help businesses have a way to sell items. What is the day-to-day of working in E-Commerce? What is the nature of the job? Would be nice to hear from...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 04, 2023 527 views

What should I do if I'm not sure which major to pick for college?

What should I do if I'm not sure which major to pick for college? Or if I don't quite know how colleges and college classes work? I'm only in 11th grade but I'm worried about going into college.